Need Some Barbells!

My second grow and I have a “good” problem…the coli is so heavy that the branches are bending over so the coli are pointing sideways or down.
The main stem broke off today at the top near the massive coli I had growing. I put it aside in a drying area. More branches are leaning, but I tied them up today to keep them pointing towards the light.
Plant is a GDP and has been in flower for 99 days. I am just starting to get some amber, but very little. I probably have 10 to 14 days to go. I watch the moisture in the soil but end up watering with nutes about every 3 - 4 days.
So, how do I strengthen the main stem and branches as the plant gets into late flower. This happened on my first grow but not as bad as that plant was a lot smaller. This one is a monster!
Thanks in Advance for your suggestions and help.


Bamboo sticks to prop them up or if you have some fishing string you can suspend them.


Tie up as best u can. Use upside down tomato cage or attach some wire and string to your tent poles …


You’ll have to trellis and/or tie alot to keep them from breaking and to make them strong you wanna keep them on a good diet during veg and have an oscillating fan blow across them back and forth to blow them around a little bit just not hurricane strong or you will do more damage than good. This will also help with trichome production

Plant yo yos for indoors. Outdoors I was proping them up with whatever I could find.

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I use bamboo for stakes and tie off of them when needed.


Fans are important during veg to strengthen stems. The back and forth motion “exercises” them and creates stronger fibers. Silica is also important .


Some GDP that did the same thing

This one only went 84 days


They are done. 99 days flowering and falling over is a way better signal than amber trichomes imo


@Me75 i would suggest using silica on future grows as it will make your branches stronger , but for now I would tie up either towards the roof of your grow or find some way to support your grow.


I have harvested this monster GDP. The ILGM seeds have done me right! I kept the plant alive for 146 days and 111 days in flower. The 5.5 inch top coli that broke off earlier has dried. I cleaned it when it was dry and I got .41 oz (11.44 grams) off of that one bud! You can see the plant is 43 inches tall and up to the light.

Thanks again for all of your help.


One massive bud right there!! Nice job!!

Outdoors my Autos didn’t have a problem But my one Photo Romulan had several big branches break off…Thats before I read on this site about using silica or proper netting and or supports / I will do so if I ever grow another photo…but my Autos never need support…The Romy was over six feet tall and in a 45 gallon fabric pot…I didn’t want to mess with it but I should have topped…fimmed or scrogged it …It turned out pretty good though…But will do differently next time…we learn.

Thanks AG. I’ll check into silica for my next grow.

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