Need some assistance

 I have a nitro toxicity issue it has been going on for week now.  The bottom half of plant droops but not wilted the top half all alive and happy.  Should I leave alone or transient.

Coast of Maine super soil
2X2X4 Tent
1509 watt LED
Water with recharge and SLF 100

What size pot do have her in. How often are you watering.

Is that a one gallon pot?

I have it in a 1/2 gal air pot. I water 2 a week with recharge and slf100

It will probably grow out of it as it gets more mature. Coast of main soil is not meant to be flushed.

Is there a particular reason that you went that small, are you planning to up size the pot?

That is what I started them out in but having issues. The roots do not seem to be growing, I took a peak and root ball is small.

I’m at a loss. I would figure your problems are related to such a small container but it almost seems to be a genetic issue for a small root ball.