Need some advise

I battle with Chronic Pain…

I’ve tried several Stains, and have yet to find any better relief but one small 1/4 bag of a mystery strain, and unfortunately I have no idea what specifically helps me.

I have a ridiculous tolerance of Opioids, after taking 90 mg per day over many years. An EMT once said he gave me enough Ketamine (Horse Tranquilizer) to put down TWO 1250 lb stallions, and enough Fentanyl that I should have been out of it [Long Story].

Lots of conflicting opinions…

I’m guessing that I need a HIGH-THC Sativa dominate strain, but I am open.

Working on some G13 and Chemdawg, but they haven’t broken the dirt yet.

Thank You for ANY informed responses.


Wow! I’m so sorry! I wish I knew but someone on here will be able to shed some light.
Welcome to the community BTW


Welcome to the community !


@MrPeat uses cannabis to treat pain and can probably help.


@Mindcrime G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD is a wonderful strain to manage pain. Also Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD.

The SCB hits like a freight train for most.

Peach Puree took the pain away from a Stage IV Cancer patient who it had metastasis through his entire body.

Sativas are more energetic. Indica is more for a head high.

I suffer in massive pain and I love my Peach Puree. Every person reacts differently. :+1:

Welcome to the community.


I’ve grown this before. I ruined it and had to throw it out. I was drying it this past Winter when the temp outside was -10F and humidity was exceptionally low. My humidifier died overnight and it dried the flower out completely. I was more than just a little bummed.


First, welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to hear of your struggles. After being in the medical field for over 18 years, stories like this always pull at my heart strings.

For me, mixing a CBD strain like Harlequin with a heavy indica like a kush strain helps me with pain.

I have endometriosis and pre-cancer cells on my cervix, which causes horrible pms pains to the point where I throw up from the pain.

Thinking of your high tolerance to pain meds, I’m wondering if any pure flower would be strong enough for you. Have you tried any thc concentrates? Perhaps, some live resin would give you more of the pain relief you are looking for.


This is what I was thinking too. May want to look into doing concentrates or tinctures. RSO maybe.


After getting a little more clear headed, I doubt any flower will help. Peach Puree CBD managed pain on a terminal cancer patient where the cancer was in his entire body. But for the OP, I just don’t know.

So if I was making a concoction, I would do a high CBD strains with some high THC strains. You would want the highest possible percentages so that it may work.

I have never done RSO nor Live resin but the hash I made did help a lot. Now when I made the Vape juice, I felt it did jack for my pain.

My body doesn’t allow narcotics to work on me. Last time I had morphine which was 4 adult doses it was just a tickle. Now if they would use it again, it won’t even do that. My body adjusts to fast so they have triple the dose after 2 days of taken a new meds.

I hope we can find a way to manage the OP pain.


I am attempting to make FECO for sublingual ingestion (under the tongue) works in 15 min

IMO, it’s an easy concentrate to make safely, but time consuming. Some people confuse FECO with RSO, but it is different.

I use a combo method for my tincture (Green Dragon and QWET).

FYI- I like my tinctures STRONG

I took 7 grams of bud and decarbed in the oven at 240F for 40 min (broke bud into small pieces, covered with aluminum foil, and shake gently every 10 min)

Let the bud cool and then grind.

I put the 7 grams of decarbed bud into a small mason jar and added 3oz of everclear ( just enough to cover the bud).

I put the jar into the freezer for 2 weeks shaking once everyday.

I take the jar out of the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for another week continuing to shake the jar every day.

I strain the weed out through an unbleached coffee filter and let the liquid sit in the jar to evaporate for a week or so. I do cover the jar with cheese cloth or a coffee filter so no dust or hair gets into my concentrate.

I am currently at the 3 week mark. I am just waiting for it to evaporate. I’ve tried it and it gets me blasted and gets rid of my headaches, but the everclear taste is still a little much.

Just thought I would give you a concentrate option that might help.

Important: FECO is not meant to be inhaled or vaped. You can use it sublingually, topically, or in edibles.


I need a minimum of 8oz to 1 lb doing what you said. And its a waste for me because it doesn’t work.

But happy it works for you. I agree the Everclear is a little rough. Even for me.

But fire up a bowl and I am fine.


The truly ironic thing is that I had been given 1/4 of something that truly worked. I had one seedling growing from that one bag, and I had to throw it away because my Wife is leaving me (I was concerned about her “turning on me”—so I got rid of the baby—it was a Female too😕).

So long story short, “Tomatos” help me MUCH BETTER than Opioids, and don’t destroy my digestive system or my liver.

Thanks SO MUCH, for all of the suggestions!

THANK YOU TO ALL THE ADVISE…I’m going to enjoy reading this Thread.

Talk about COMMUNITY. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

BTW, I know that I CAN get relief from smoking bud…that first bag worked well enough that I can fill the SMALL Grav Pipe, and take three draws, holding my breath for 10 seconds, and a 5 minute spread between draws, and in 15 minutes, and I become painfree, and clear and my cognitive abilities aren’t hindered.

I’ve also tried several edibles from several different States, however Big Petes, from Santa Cruz was the only edible that actually worked!!!

Opioids don’t work well for me anymore either. My Doctors had me on 90 mg per Day…I quit on my own, but in order to, I had to throw in the Towel and go on Disability. I’m 49. Kind of a bummer.

PEACE AND LOVE to ALL that took the time to follow and comment.