Need some advise on my grow


Question from a fellow grower:

I started 5 seeds, all sprouted and all five made it through to harvest. I’m using an LED set-up with programmable lighting. I use a California lights Solar System 1100 with adjustable spectrum. I grow in 5 gallon Hempy buckets in coco choir. I have been using General Hydroponics nutes and use Flora Micro and Flora Bloom with Cal-mag and liquid Kool Bloom. I use a 6/9 ratio. This grow my girls grew to just over 2 feet and my harvest was low. The plants looked and stayed healthy although 2 ripened early and yield was low. Any recommendations on nutrients? I would like 3 foot plants and nice full canopy. Any help will be appreciated. I uses coco choir and will stay with it as I like the fact I can reuse. Maybe I need to adjust my lighting spectrum throughout the grow? Any clue?


I am going to tag someone who knows his lights and he may be able to answer your question. @dbrn32 can you shed some “light” on this for a fellow grower :grin:


California light works has spectral tuning data available for their lights. If it’s not in your owners manual, visit their website there is a download available.

Plant size is usually based on amount of veg time. But too much or too little light can both have negative effects on actual plant height. Unless these strains were autos, which would also explain being smaller. They are genetically programmed to flower on their own.

Do we have any pics of the setup or plants? Strain info would help too.