Need some advise, growth vs room heigth

Hi all:
I’ve started growing a SS in my basement with a ceiling height of just under 6 ft. Using a hps 600w lighting presently set at 36 inches Above plant.
I’ve already topped the plant and it’s about 1 ft tall and getting bushy.
Knowing I probably don’t want my lighting any closer than 24 inches to plant at what height should I begin the flowering stage?
I thought I read somewhere that the plant grows very quickly once you start the flowering stage?

Plants will “stretch” for two weeks after switch to flowering. Expect 1.5 to 2 times the size when flower starts.
Your have less than 6’ of vertical room …subtract the minimum height of the light and holding gear…that is how much actual vertical room you have…minus at least 18" of distance from light to plant. Not a good thing when your plants reach the lights and start getting burned.

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Thank you, your advise sounds good, probably will let plant stay in veg state for another 1 to 1 and 1/2 ft more before turning to flowering state.
When going to flowering state I know I should move lighting to 12/12, but I read also some were saying after the first week or so reduce to 10/14 , then to 8/16. What do you think?

How long do they normally stay in flower state? Or is that a judgement call, based on bud development?

Many theories out there, but ‘flipping’ is easiest if you just switch to 12/12. The distance on your light is going to be based on whatever the manufacturer recommends, then you adjust it to what the plant needs. I’m not good with HPS lighting advice, so good luck with that. Others on here can help.

As far as the height, there are several options for training your plant to keep it below a certain height. A screen (net) can be placed over it then the plant trained to spread out on that net. There is super-cropping, which is basically bending over the tall limbs at a drastic angle, Low stress training, lot’s of options, depending on what you want to do.

Thanks, considering my being a novice will probably direct my actions to basics.
I did read about SCROG and may buy the pieces parts to try on next flower.
Do have another SSnot too far behind this one. ( just now showing 4th node.)
And a GL just at her first set of leaves.

A scrog would work great in your situation
Since you have a few plants
I recommend lst training and maybe some super cropping in early flower to keep it the plant low and wide
I also grow in my basement and have limited hieght issues
My ceiling is at 7 foot so little more but not much more room
You can aslo flower her once she reaches half of your max hieght
Meaning after subtracting the light and hieght you need to be off canopy

Here are a few guide to help explain lst and super cropping
Both will aid you in your grow
Happy growing :v:️ CB

Rule of thumb…If the light feels hot to the back of your hand, Then that’s what your plant feels…

Lol, that was one of the first things I read in the forum pages lol
But even at that some of my fan leaves did curl just at their edges and the light did not feel hot to me, so I increased the distance. The lighting is now set for 36" from canopy
I’m hoping the second SS plant catches up a bit so when I convert to flower stage she can be part of it.
The GL has a lot of growing yet to do so I’m going to have to move her when I begin the flower stage for the SS.
I did look for some green fencing to try and build a SCROG but the local store only has it in large rolls.
Maybe I can find some to try when the GL gets to her stage for flowering.
Super cropping is scary as it seems so un natural to hurt a plant.

The third pic is the SS I topped about a week ago and the second pic is the SS I topped a couple of days ago.
The first pic is the Only Gl I was able to get to start out of 5 seeds.

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Well I put the SS girls into flowering yesterday,
Will update a pic once I see buds appear.
Thanks all, hoping for at least a taste on my first indoor grow.

Well here is an updated pic of my girls one week after putting into flower mode.

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Pic showing flowering at 20 days.
Ordered my Jewelers Loupe today