Need some advice!

I have to go out of town next weekend for a couple days. My ladies are out side and so close to being ready. But I’m worried about them being stolen? I live in the city… would it hurt them if I locked them in my garage in total darkness for 48 hours?

It shouldn’t hurt them you’ll probably come back to some sudden growth my understanding is most growth occurs in the dark, I’d hate to give bad advice but I can’t think of a reason why it would hurt them. Now give em light for that amount of time and you will 4sure have a problem

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Thank you for your help. Much appreciated

I would just go buy a 15$ timer and set it to 12/12 and throw whatever lighting you can on it. If you keep the temperature low the plant will do everything slower which will buy you time. Or have your neighbor house sit for you? Or put some beware of dogs and crazy people signs up


It is Halloween season put up some fake bear traps some pseudo dismembered legs , and a proximity light and you’ll probably scare off most