Need some advice

From a fellow grower:

I’m a first time grower. I bought some Northern Lights seeds from you a while back. I’m realizing now that I had a lot to learn. I’ve used the internet to try and get as much info/tips on growing, but there are so many conflicting answers. (I’m sure you know.) So, I don’t want to guess what answer is right and hurt my plant more.
My plant is at 5 weeks and still vegging. It’s only 6" tall. I’ll tell you everything I know so you may get a clue as to what caused this.
I bought a bag of Happy Frog. Threw a couple seeds in a couple 2.5" x 2.5" pots. Only one seed broke through. I brought the seedling into my basement and set up shop in my bathroom that never gets used. I put it in the standup shower. I hung a 600w HPS and let it grow. I’m sure I over watered out of fear it was getting too dry. I did the first knuckle moisture check, but I sprayed it every day to give it a bit of moisture for my lack of humidity.
Week 2 the plant started falling over. I believe I stretched it a bit being too far from the light. At week three I transferred to a 6.5" x 5.5" pot. I buried the plant a little lower and covered the stem with dirt to support the stretch. I noticed that I had some gnats flying around after week three. I bought some sand and put a 1" layer over. The gnats were gone quickly.
The baby leaves started yellowing and the single leaves started yellowing. The three leaf set started getting Yellow on the tips and then the yellow spots started showing. The third and forth nodes looked great until earlier this week. A few days ago the third node leaves started yellowing. Then the fourth node leaves started curling up at the tips. The top stems are purple and were falling over at the third node.
Like I said earlier. I try looking up an answer and three different sites give three different answers.
I have one fan at the moment.
I haven’t added any nutrients yet.
My temps are between 73 & 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Humidity between 38 & 40%. I plan on getting a humidifier.
Light schedule is 24/0.
Light is 15" from the top of plant.
My pH test strips say (I think) around 7, but I plan on getting an electronic tester for more accuracy. I know the pH is a bit high.
New growth seems to be healthy as far as I can tell.
So that’s all the info I can think of. I’ll add some pictures.
Thank you for your time and knowledge. I really enjoy this even though I’m struggling. I expected it. I have learned quite a bit in the weeks I have started this project. I wish I had started earlier.
Thanks again,

Diatomatious Earth for the bugs you will need to lower that ph you are seeing the indicators of a nitrogen def most likely. have you tested your run off ph? if not do so 5.8 6.3 or even as high as 6.5 would be ok. Odds are your plant is getting hungry and wanting some food but spots are showing a pest problem sand in (not) a cure as many bugs will happily lay eggs in sand
dust whole plant wrap pot in bag hold upside down dust away top to bottom put some on soil too. Get your run off ph add some night 20/4 would do the trick regardless what people say I have tried 24 hours of light and my plants are far happier with some dark time they actually grow faster with it less root issues and tighter nodes. 24 hours of light is for people who have mastered their craft and know everything their plant wants at a glance the purple stems are signs of deficiency or root rot so may be worth a transplant if your ph is low 5 or less definetly transplant dust with some great white it will encourage rooting. Aside from that as I said bugs they start at the bottom and work their way up so new growth isn’t indicator they are gone. hope some of this helps

Soil may have been too hot for those seedlings, causing some of the issues. There is no reason to run lights 24/0 Use 18/6. Plants like humans need rest. Humans and plant need the same mineral elements to stay healthy. Look at a bottle of Multi-vitamins, and then look at the ingredients on a bottle of nutrients.

Speaking of nutrients; Nutrients would be more readily available to your plants if you lowered it to 6.5. This is the correct value for soil plants…

Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. I’ll send an update after the advice applied shows any results.

Thanks again.

It might be bugs, but spots like those on those leaves, and the lots of red or purple in the stems is screaming pH nutrient related problems.

happy growing,