Need some advice please On the color of my leaves

Just wondering what this color may indicate on my leafs I have 3 white windows 2nd week of veg all growing healthy but one of the 3 has discolored leaves. Been using Fox farms trio nutrients.

From those pics they just look nitrogen rich. Feeding at 2 weeks in veg leads me to the question of what soil or media are you using?

just some Sta-Green flower and veg soil from lowes. used it on my first grow and it worked well. working well on the 2nd grow, on 2 of the 3 plants hence reason for this topic!

That plant is just asking for lighter grow big feed. How much are you feeding? Do you measure ppm?

i dont measure ppm. on the feed i started out with half of what is recommended . but using full strength now. i use feed once a week… water twice a week once with fox farm and other with just water . think it might have got a strong mix ? ill upload a few more pics

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i do use a meter for ppm, its at 6.5 on the feed

They look good. Looks like one plant may have pests or could be needing calcium. Fox farms is light on calcium and magnesium.

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I use the FF Trio as well and always add Cal/Mag - General Organics is low on Nitrogen so it’s a good complement to the trio. I also add about 1/4 t of Epsom Salts per 2-3 gallons for extra Magnesium



If you don’t use Cal-Mag id recommend getting some start with 5ml per gallon of water for the first few waterings then back off to 3ml per gallon hit hard to correct at 1st then just continue to water with it every watering or feeding


Looks like you might have bad bugs on the plants
Check bottom of those leaves using a magnifying loop

i did check but did not find any. i did hit it with cal-mag last night, seems to have helped…

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It takes a while to notice any change in nutrients. The old damage will never go away just watch the new growth. Don’t remove the damaged leaves unless they are really bad. They are still doing their job. I don’t see bug damage.

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