Need some advice on veg lights

Looking to purchase a veg light. I plan on vegging just 6 plants for about 2 months inside before I put them outside permanently. I just need a light that will grow healthy little bushes.

I would think a set of the QB 132s would do you good. How much do you have to spend on it?

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$300-$350. I want to get some legit. Was looking in to getting…


That would do it.


That would work out but the area needed for 6 plants would be a little far away withing a couple weeks. I would space your light out better if your only vegging them. If you absolutely want the 288 boards get single heatsinks so you can spread them apart.


Mars Hydro 1000w


How old are they?

They are all roughly about three weeks old. The plants that are in the peet pots are hemp.

How large of a space are you thinking? Six plants vegged out for 2 months will take up some room right?


Happy Cannaversary!!

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I have a 5x5 tent. Just need to veg enough to put outside.

You need something like four 288 boards. If you go with v1 boards you could probably build yourself right now for $350 or so.


Is this a 4000k or 3000k?

I would buy 4000k for veg light

What would be a good website to buy from?

I think hlg has the v1 boards for $29, not sure about their authorized retailers