Need some advice on drying

hey guys so I messed up my last harvest by incorrectly drying my buds & drying them too quickly so I wanna make absolute sure I get it right next time. Here are a few main things I’m concerned about

  1. The biggest problem was that my humidity was way too low (probably around 30%) so I know now that it needs to be around 50%, I have a humidifier HOWEVER I heard that the climate needs to be constant, so if I use my humidifier I’ll have to turn it on and off when it gets too high/low causing the climate not to be constant…do you think I could fix this by getting an automatic humidifier that always keeps the humidity constant? If so, which ones would you recommend?

  2. This grow is in a closet so I want to dry it there too, but I am concerned about airflow. Would keeping the closet door open a little be enough for proper airflow? I don’t think I should run a fan in there, even if not blowing directly on the buds, as the air will bounce off the walls and cause the buds to shake from the air, and I know this will dry them out too quick.

  3. If the temperature stays at around 75-80 degrees, do you think I should run my AC to cool it down? The AC is not located in the closet but rather in the room where the closet is. Just concerned that the AC might cause lower humidity and thus faster drying.

Also I will be dry trimming this time for slower drying. Any help on the above would be super appreciated :smiley:

I use a automatic humidifier and I set it at 55 or 60 maybe use a small fan under them try to keep 65-68 degrees use ro water and try to get a1.5 gal. Humidifier less fill ups, there’s plenty out there good luck harvesting

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I see, thank you, which one in particular do you use?

Also, I just thought of something. If I run the AC in the room with the closet a little open, will I still need a fan blowing? Just really really afraid of using a fan and it drying the buds too quickly.

I have a taotronics 1 gal wish i went bigger but it works good when it’s full of water :sunglasses:

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Sure any kind of breeze is good don’t need much, use a good hydrometer to check rh & temp