Need some advice on bloom


So I have these white widow autos their small I did lst and I’ve been pruning them and I have a cheap 600 watt as advertised made in China light I got on eBay the thing says it actually pulls 60 watts my buds are small and i don’t want to pull them to soon or start flush to soon cuz I do notice when I feed they do get a little bigger I just want to know what y’all think some of the hairs are turning brown I got a jewelry loupe coming in from amazon to check Theo homes also could you see the amber in the trhics with your bare eyeball?

do you guys think I should start flushing


So this is just my opinion and there’s not allot to go off of except the pistols but I would think another 3 weeks or so…

You’ll definitely want more wattage in your next grow. I actually think your buds look pretty good for such low wattage :ok_hand:


You could try splitting the stem right now for the last two wks to fatten them up more


You still have a little bit to go when there are no
More white pedestals she will get a lot fatter if you let her go at least a week or more longer :wink:


What is splitting the stem Ima still google it but let me know what you know


I say just keep doing what your doing


Nice for 60w next bite 2x600w


Just take a knife split the stem put a stick in between. But YouTube could show you better or a lot of people do it here if you search it in the forum but it really works to shock the plant to fatten up and produce more trichomes


Ok that makes me feel a little better cuz I’m sharing that light with all 3 of them and their all doing good just that I grew them all the same time they sprouted he same day but they seem weeks apart and yeah I’m getting a 300 watt viparspectra I read nothing but good things about them


Yeah that’s what I’ve been assuming I’ve just been watching videos like crazy its good to know it’s going good


Right it was just 35 bucks and it stays cool the fans are quiet just low wattage but I’m going to upgrade to vipar spectra 300 watt


Alright I have 3 of them I’m going to try it on the smallest one just to experiment and I’ll YouTube it thanks for the new info I never came across that technique in all the stuff I’ve been reading and watching


Some people will drill a small hole, instead of splitting it. It has a nickname…something Australian style.


It’s the “down under drill” :laughing:


That’s it! Lol!


You really only want to split stem a week prior to harvest as it kills the plant quickly


I don’t think it kills it quickly because I actually have been splitting mine a month before and they seem to do better. Just with my little experience


Yeah that’s what the videos I’ve been watching basically say just one of them the guy did it as soon as it started to flower and he would heal the stock back together but all the others just would stab their knife they knife through it


So what do you do just stab them do you tie it together to heal the stem do you do anything specific in that time


Yeah make sure you have maybe an inch or a inch ahalf and take zip tie and tie one on top and 1 on bottom and split in between to keep the split from going up and down to far