Need some advice of what should I do

I’ve been posting pics of this plant for the past 3 months can u guys advice me on what should I do keep her on veg stage or switch her to flowering it’s a seed I plant from a bag of lemon sour haze

To keep it in veg it will need more than12 hours of light,18/6. 20/4 .
When you want flowering change to 12/12 it needs 12 hours of total darkness.
Then it will start flowering. It looks like it’s ready to flower,it will get taller in flower, so it depends how big you want it. Next question is it in door or outside.? If it’s outside all the time it will start flowering on its own, when the days get shorter. Hope that helps.

A sativa like that will flourish Outdoors regardless of light photo period. Assuming you have at least 12 hours of light now. The summer solstice is this month and that is when days start to shorten. It is a myth thart a plant needs 18 hours of light to veg. It only needs 14 or so…

Sativa is from equatorial region which in general averages 12 hours of light per day, year 'round. Your plant should be just fine. Feed her well, and watch for bugs. Good Luck and Happy growing.