Need some advice from you autoflower crew


So I’m thinking of giving the great outdoors a shot at growing some auto flowers.
I was hoping I could get some opinions on which strain of autoflower I should try out. I’ll probably only grow 2 plants outdoors. I have grown photo white widows so was wanting to try something other than those.

Any info is greatly appreciated

Blueberry looks great, amnesia haze looks great… they all look great!!

Edit: So I went with the autoflower mix pack. Just couldn’t decide


outdoors with auto get something hardy something that is forgiving… the WhiteWidow or SuperSkunk or Northern are all hardy little girls cant comment on Blueberry or Amnesia never tried them or even heard of them tili started coming in hereto the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Just ordered some WW . Can’t wait to get started.


I’m getting ready to do some blueberry autos. I’ve seen lots of good results here on ilgm, indoors…


I was kind of leaning towards some blueberry. Wish they had a mix pack where you can choose your own strains.


i 2nd that mate


I’ve got 4 auto flowers I just put outside. White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights. I started them indoors on 3/26 but they lacked enough light. I can tell you that so far the Blueberry seem to be doing best over all and White Widows after that, Amnesia Haze next and Northern Lights is last. I’m a true novice so take that opinion for what’s it’s worth. :grin:


Auto flowers outside are probably the best way to grow auto flowers in my opinion. They should flourish in the sun! I feel like most indoor auto flowers are little plants, but I’ve seen some monster auto flowers grown outdoors!



I’ve been growing for years. And have never had trouble planting seedlings. And having the majority grow. I ordered auto flowers for the first time this year. 3 blue berry, 3 amnesia haze and northern lights. Out of the nine. 3 are still growing a month out. One blue berry grew an inch and died standing up. The others got out of the dirt about an inch and died the same way. I even started three under lights. Same thing with them. I’ve got one blue berry flowering already. An amnesia haze is a foot tall and growing. Several had to have help shedding the seed hull and then died. Way too expensive to have suicidal seeds.
More of an FYI than a help me post. I’m just poised off.


Pissed, typo there


Ok pissed off is a bit drastic. lol. I’m a bit disappointed. There that’s better lol


I think you’re plants are dying from damping off. Simply over watering your plants, or not enough drainage or aeration in the soil, will cause your plants to dampen off.

Got any pictures of your pots/cups or containers that you’re using? What soil are you using? And how often are you watering?



I’m positive that you’re right. Our weather in California was way too cool at night and during the day. After being warm for a few weeks. While they were sprouting. And I kept them too wet. I use Fox Farms soil. And used paper cups with no way for the water to drain. Like an idiot. Cutting corners and using what I had at the house. Is NOT the way to go. And I know better.
Thanks for reaffirming what I’ve been kicking my own butt for :blush:.


I started mine in egg containers holders they biodegrade very quickly and i used the supersoil to start them in then just put in ground and a few in bags all outdoors in northern CA. started in march of this year first grow. a friend gave me the seeds to a second generation of a mix he created. I thought mine would drown when we had all that rain. Only thing I can think of is not enough water? But I am new to the cannabis grow, But old when it comes to a garden.


I had one sprout after the rain. I’ve got 15 very healthy plants. Five different strains. This year was the first that I’ve had them sprout. And then die at half an inch. I do think I kept them too wet. I’ll try the biodegradable containers for my next sprouts. I’d like to get hold of some of your seeds! I’m growing white widow, chronic widow, Girl Scout cookies, amnesia haze, and blueberry.


I want to try the chronic widows they look excellent


The chronic widow is excellent 10 thumbs up


AK47 auto flower did not have hairs or buds , just leaves and bulbous globs everywhere Any help ?


@ybfww do you have any pictures you can post?
Seems odd there weren’t any buds in your plant.


I sent 5 photos already . All I have is hollow bulbous curvy globs as the
photos show. There is nothing but leaves. Always had great results with
others from Robert.