Need some advice around harvest

This is the first auto for me. I have had some foxtails show up as seen in the pics below. That is not what I’m concerned about though. So my concern is around flavor and taste. I’m planning to harvest this Sunday which is 3 days from now. Plant is 12 weeks from seed sprouted. It has been 4 days since the last time I added any nutes. Plant is getting PH’ed water.

So I am hoping to get some tips on bringing out the best flavor and taste.

I am planning to chop, trim, and hang upside down either in an unused closet or inside a box (not touching the sides or each other) inside another tent. I will let dry for 7-10 days and then will store in a mason jar and burp daily.


Nothing you do over next 3 days is going to change the taste or flavor of your plants. Try to keep temps down and dry slowly, then run a proper cure.


For best results dry slowly, at low temps 68 degrees if you can control the temp that way where you are drying. Dry at 60-65% Rh and shoot for 7-10 day dry. Over dry will affect overall taste and smoke, too fast as well. No matter where you dry you will want circulation. Not on the plants but moving the air around them. YouTube search Bill Ward Harvest, and you will find 3 vids on the process that explain it very well.


They’ve go you covered! Taste develop during a proper cure


Thanks for the feedback peeps…

I was inspired so I made a thing.

I’ll call this my drying box.

My plan is to add a Govee sensor to monitor temp and R/H.

I also just purchased a moisture meter and some grove bags.

I wanted to dry in my tent but temps in my tent will dry out the goods too quickly. I tried a closet in the same room and my product was table to snap branches in 3-4 days.

So this time I’m going to try placing an box in a place with low traffic with cooler temps.

Then I plan to put half in mason jars and half in a Grove bag and a knock off bag.