Need Soil Advice


@DTOM420 ^^^^here’s a recipe.


Perfect…looks good thank you for doing that.


To be perfectly honest, I was doing it for me… Sharing was an afterthought :wink:


Lol! You’re funny! Thanks for the work and the clarification.


I’m just OCD like that. I have lists and recipe’s I’ve saved, and if they’re worth saving I want to make sure I can’t misunderstand them later.


so, for indoor use would you use as a super soil, in bottom 1/3 of container? I’m more comfortable with soil amendment recipes like these in outdoor grows. Also, are you letting this mixture sit for a few months before use?



Hello I live in the Dominican Republic and these products are hard to find. How would I go about soil building there?


That’s what I did for the indoor grow I have going. All seems to be going well. I had a magnesium deficiency start that was easily fixed. I think that was because of the base soil I used. These plants are growing like crazy. I had to trim some fan leave to make room for branching out.


@Stinkweed1983 Can you get Amazon deliveries in the DR? I think you can buy everything you need there, but shipping might be high on the heavy stuff. I hope you get it figured! :+1:


I’m ahead of you brother. Already ordered sent to my US address and ship it down with my weights on a boat. It’s reasonable cost