Need seeds to split in water after 4 days?

Hello Docnraq,
Yes the water method, Seemingly very easy but Several serious minor cautions obviously to avoid like the over read Mistake I made while over loaded with life. Great great advice and yes, I am and will have mastered just like Robert! Hey thanks again!

Great advise

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I have well water and put 5 seeds in small plastic container with snap on lid. Covered with towel put in a dark cabinet and checked every day. 3 days seeds split 4th day white tail started 5th day tail out a little and at this point put in starting soil. All but one seed up and growing after 10 days from starting.

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Hello again everyone, well I have messed around with both the paper towel and the water methods(got some reg seeds to experiment)and it just took me back to 6th grade and success with both; also pretty simple doing them in the cup of water then finish in paper towel. Thanks for y’all’s help and great advice! I’ll show my widow and skunk seeds I just did today(1of each) attached below. Will post the girls progress soon.


I soak in a cup of distilled water until they sink about an inch which tells me the water has entered the shell. Usually only takes 4 or 5 hours. I then move them to the paper towel(unbleached) on a small plate & cap with another plate to retain humidity & block light. I sit it in a grow room for the heat.Don’t overwater towel, just damp. Usually see sprout in next 18 to 30 hours.

Looking awesome my seed never look like that when I put them down :frowning:

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Thanks, I look forward to learning from these posts. Lots of info here.