Need planning/sexing advice

I want to plant a few photo strain plants to add to my auto flowering plants. I know it’s late but we have such a long growing season that I want to give it a try, to help get me ready for next year. So, I’m in Zone 9a and we’ll have more than 12hrs of light a day until Sept 26. It’ll be warm and sunny until at least late November. We will get some rain but we’re on the edge of being classified as “arid” so, the weather ought to be pretty conducive for a good grow. My problem is I don’t have an indoor setup to start and sex plants to insure I end up only putting out females. I will before next season, though. I’ve got 2 strains I want to try. I have 4 Blue Headwreck F2 seeds and 5 purple Maze Kush seeds. What I’d LIKE to do (if possible) is get one of each strain but have enough seeds left to plant both strains next year. So, I’m looking to y’all experts to help me figure out how many of each strain to germinate. Then, give me any advice you can on sexing them as early as possible (again, without an indoor setup) in case I didn’t get a female in a particular strain. I know it’s a tall order but I know y’all can help!

Part 2, are there any good tricks to sexing them in an outdoor grow? I read something about putting black garbage bags over them (once they have 4-5 internodes) every afternoon and removing them after dark, so that they have a longer dark cycle; but I’m wondering if that’s going to cause any issues? There isn’t any way to tell until they actually start into flowering, is there? Is it possible to cover a single branch to establish sex or will the fact the rest of the plant is getting light going to keep even that branch in veg? I hate to waste soil and space but I couldn’t get these in a feminized seed. Live and learn. Now I’m trying to do the Marine thing and ‘adapt and overcome!’

Thanks in advance to all those that reply!

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Hey buddy
The best way to sex them imho
Is to take a clone off them and flower the clone
You could do the mother under a bag as you mentioned but then she would need ro revert back when you out her out again

Gotcha. Well, I just happened to have gone out and blown some money at a grow store today and one of the things I bought a is 4’ 4-bulb T-5 fixture. I also got a Root Riot seed/clone kit and a warming pad and thermostat. So, it may not be perfect but I can darn sure do wha my you said with that setup. Ugh, I’m tired of seeing money go out the window…and I still need an RO filter for my well water. :cry:

I recently saw a thing about being able to tell if a seed is female or not by the shape of the top circle where they wer attached to the plant. I haven’t proved it to myself yet but it says females have nearly a perfect circle where males are irregular. Be interested to see if it’s true but all I have are fem seeds.

Snagging a clone and putting it in less than twelve hours light is the best way I know to sex a plant early too.

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Why not just germinate?

Like all Marines. [_]} :wink:

Allow your plants a season to regenerate their genetics. Get plenty of FREE seeds and next season delve into the endless mysteries of Marine seed v plant Women.

It’s easy to tell M-F at the 4 or 5-week veg stage (look on youtube). Then keep your healthy male and pull the rest.

Or, maybe not.

Search for: 6 Reasons to Keep Male Marijuana Plants

I’m a little bit high.

But I think the current auto fem seed bank (across all seed vendors) needs to be refreshed with MALE genetics and maybe stop/pause the devastating effects of inherited diseases.

That’s what I’m going to try next season.

I don’t buy or sell or give.

One experiment for next grow season.