Need ph meter my girls 2015

i need a decent soil ph test meter point me in right place

Milwaukee 800 works great , and not expensive .

Look at amazon and e-bay, they have $10-$20ish pH and TDS meters that will work very well, the rating and reviews will likely point you to affordable products with a good measuring accuracy. If you get a TDS/PPM meter make sure it reads well above 999PPM and has temperature compensation. Also make sure the pH meter has temperature compensation as well.®-Accuracy-Approved-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B00FJFEB2O/?tag=greenrel-20

I use a Milwaukee Mutli meter. sm802 or the newer model. I have 2 the old lime green one and the newer tan model.

I ahve also owned the PH 55 which is a new model number now also.

The PH500 is a cheap starter, but it works as long as you do not get it wet. LOL It is not a water-proof model.

Customer service at Milwaukee is good. Howeevr; You may not always like what they tell you.

Probes go bad every year or 2, and you have to replce them. I spend about 80 bucks for a new perobe for my Milwaukee EC/TDS/PH meter every year or so. But the storage solutiuon, and you might get 3-4 years from a probe. Sorry about speeling; (legally blind and tired), Peace