Need perfect lighting set up for only 3 pots

I’m starting off with two auto flowering White Widow seeds, and I want to add a third. I’m am using Pot for Pot, and I haven’t bought grow lights yet. What is a great light system that won’t break the bank for 2-3 plants? I can add on if I want to grow more. Don’t mind spending up to $300. More than likely, we will not grow more than three plants at one time. FYI, I do have a few non auto flowering seeds we will eventually grow.

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What kind of space are these three plants going to take up?

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We are new to this. I’m not sure how much space they will take up. I will give them as much space as they need. I’m thinking a grow tent might be a great idea. Saw a 4x4 and a 4x2. Not sure what to get. They are in our house, but thinking they need to go out in our garage.

For “perfect” lighting in a 2x4 a Hlg 260w xl will be the one. It’s a little north of your budget but they are perfect for that space. If you go 4x4 you’d need two of these kits which will set you back close to $800.


HLG sets you back but they are worth every single penny. :+1::+1::+1:


How much space will 3 plants eventually take up?

Lots of variables go into that. Strain, growing conditions, pheno variation, etc. I stick with 2’x2’ per plant as a general rule.

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@Grahamcakes, based on your budget, I’d go with a 600w MH/HPS set up in 3x3 tent.

Lights with air cooled hood (200.00)
A 3x3x6 tent (100.00)

You will need intake and exhaust fans.


samsung quantum boards on amazon. was worried when i bought it and was very pleased with it. it outperformed or at least matched my 600w hps with no hood just reflector. will post pics of my setup if ur interested

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Yes, please post cost an setup.

Would I need a filter?

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If you don’t mind, I would love to have a product and cost breakdown. Thank you so much.

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Will this work for two plants?

Edit…hlg not authorized vendor to link

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I have had just 1 plant take up the entire space of a 4x4x80” tent and the plant still grew 2 feet out of it. Of course these are Photoperiods and I specialize in growing Super Monsters indoors. :+1::+1::+1:

@Grahamcakes The HLG 260xl rspec is for a 4x4 tent. :+1:


Could you give an Amazon link? Thank you.

Not on Amazon.

So that light would work for a 4x4? Someone else said I would need two? Didn’t realize 1 plant could take up that much space.

So sorry. The Amazon question was for the guy recommending a Samsung brand on Amazon.

What intake and exhaust fans for a tent will be needed for that particular light from Horticulture Lighting? That you. I apologize for my newbie knowledge. Lol

He meant 2x4. He runs two kits in his 4x4