Need Opinions and Some Advise

I have an Semi Outdoor Plant. Outdoors most of the morning from 5 to noon then inside because of heat for the next 6 but next to a door with light from outside then back out for the evening and night. Recently after watering I noticed some changes on some leaves. I have marked some pics with the changes and I need to know if the health of this plant looks good or bad, if the circled spots on the leaves are a concern, if it is about to Flower, and what the Pollen look is about.
Many Thanks!

Forgot the pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Looking for a way to upload. Advise?

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Hit the this key and wait for a complete upload :love_you_gesture:

Is Number a healthy looking Plant?
Is Number 2 color change a concern?
What are the cause to the leave changes circled in #3
Same thing with #4. What are the leave changes?

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A few additional questions and pics. Are there concerns in these pics or these normal, about to flower? What is the Pollen look about? Any advice from here? Much appreciated in advance.


Thank You OGIncognito

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You’ve got some leaf miners tunneling their way through and chowing down from the inside. Remove those leaves and treat with Capt jacks dead bug. I’m seeing resin production not pollen unless I missed something :love_you_gesture:

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1st pic is inside the leave and not cannabis but a good inside view of the damage. 2nd pic shows a cannabis leaf :love_you_gesture: