Need opinion good or bad, ww autos

Hello everyone I have a thread going so here are some pictures of the girls taking an hour ago…Please give me all your opinions and concerns questions and thank you for all your help guys, I appreciate it! Mike


They look pretty healthy. Happy growing!


Looks fine to me, let me guess 7-9 days old


You got it @GreenSnek lol…now that’s the feeling and acceptance I needed. Thank you much @MidwestGuy l! I have the 5 gal buckets with pour lids and meters, ph up and dwn, fox farm nutrients and made my own super soil! I’m ready 4 sure guys…I also about 5yrs ago wanted to touch sides with growing so I picked out a bag seed with age, color and stripes. It was sinsemilla 4 sure. I was proud of that and that’s when I found Robert and ILGM years ago and it’s been great with support Not only from the exceptional company but from you guys as well! It came out totally awesome and so I did that again this year but wanted to space so I could take more notes. It’s taking a lot of stress off me having the garden!! I’ll keep posting okay. I got those pictures of the sinsemilla 6 to 5 years ago and I did 6 reg photos (bag) And they are all sinsemilla. My uncle it’s been a Troutie huge cultivator and one of our southern states for about 30 years so sorry about all this writing! It won’t be as much next time I just wanted y’all to know where I was kinda am! Let me know if you want me to put the one from five years ago up here got like 15 pictures and then I have those six Regular photos with plenty of pictures to so I’ll talk to you soon thanks again!

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