Need of help In my grow room with temperature

White window auto flower seeds. They’ve been growing for about a month now. What is the right temperature and humidity they should be in my grow room?

My temperature right now is 85 and the humidity is 30 is that good and what is this supposed to be if it’s not?


Try to keep your daytime temps in the mid-high 70’s, though 80-82 isn’t going to cause harm. Try to keep your humidity higher than 40%, if at all possible. Though, here’s a chart of which temps & rH team up to make the best environment for your plants. The green is the perfect ratio, while peach is acceptable.

According to this, at 85F, your humudity needs to be at 75%! Yikes!

Vapor Pressure Deficit is something I just learned about during this grow. Great stuff!

Here’s a link to a fairly comprehensive explanation of how it all works together. It seems a bit technical, at first, but it’s not. Not really. :grinning:


Thats only a month old? Your going to have a monster


Yes they do look complicated but I’m a sit here and try and figure it out thank you I just looked in my temperature is 91 and my humidity is 50 from one

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Thank you I hope so I’m a first timer

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btw she looks rich in nitrogen. make sure you measure the ph and ppm of your runoff to make sure you dont cause lockout (ph out of range) or make her toxic with high ppm or even ppt! i didnt use a ppm meter until just recently and wow she had way too much nutes in her soil her ppm was above 4000! thats when the meter quits and gives you ppt instead of ppm lol

Yea and i believe @Niala Had said something to me something about the stoma not working properly when the rh is to low give me a few min and i will see if i can find it.
And as far as the chart goes you want to try to stay around the green. As you will be starting flower shortly.
But if you would be kind enough to elaborate on what your using for exhaust and lighting intake fans mabey we can help you get your temp down and rh up

I’m afraid that’s the problem I’m I have. I Got this and order some pH up and down from Amazon today so hopefully I get it soon

It wasnt @Niala sorry for the tag bro but i thought i got this peice of info from you it was @hangthebanksters but when your rh is to low it closes the stoma which slows transpiration which slows photosynthesis. And i found just adding a 25 usd humidifier to the room imy box is in and it raised my rh up to around 40 and my plants took off.


You can use vinegar in a pinch and other house hold items can be used in emergency

Exactly. Vapor Pressure Deficit.

@H146 Here’s a VPD chart that focuses on flowering.

It’s set-up differently than the first chart. The colors differentiate flower phases. The grayed out numbers are bad.

Get those temps down from the 90’s, for sure! Make sure you have proper ventilation set-up, especially an exhaust fan; passive intake is often just fine.


Good to see you still helping out over here. I notice quite a few of us are still active on both sites


Until I start my next grow, I’m staying mostly over here. :grinning:


And a tip on those meters. Generally if your calibration keeps going haywire and your having to constantly mess with it. Get fresh batteries. When my batteries got low my meter did all kinds of funky shit. Replaced batteries and poof all probs solved.

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I am glad i got there when i did gave me the guts to try supercrop with a little lst so we will see what my yield brings. :wink:


You’ve got to get those temps below 80 however you can. I had my temps in the mid 80s on my last flower cycle in the summer and I completely lost one Gold Leaf to heat stress. These plants don’t do well above 80.

Nothing but fans

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Ok Are you talking about white widow auto flower seeds

Ok lets see what we can figure out. 1 what are you growing in? A tent, diy box, closet?
2 do you have a budget if so what your growing in will will effect what recomendations would be.

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