Need more info on oil

Question from a fellow grower:

My whole idea isto make a VERY good oil and for those who want to smoke some weed, also no problem.

The seeds I could get should hopefully germinate within the next week, i
got a packet that was grown somewhere in a bush by some unknown

I need to know what part of the plant, male or female, the leaves or the
buds and so forth will make the best oil, i know the thclevels causes
the high, what does the other(i think bhd) level do exactly, bow do i go
about creating these levels or sustain them to make a healthy potent
oil that will be much better than anyone else’s in South Africa. I
cannot buy seeds, so I hope these grow!

I have watched everything i could get on youtube on how to make rso, the
rick simpson oil. Unfortunetely isopropyl alcohol is ridiculously
expensive! Wecannot legally buy alcohol over43% or something close to
that. Is there any way I can make the oil with something else. I can’t
find anything that states differently.

From what I understand, is that thebigger thebud, the stronger the oil? Can i.use the leavesfor the oil, do.what it needs to do,without lowering the quality.

I have a friend that just bought oil and I’m worried about what these
guys put in the oil or how healthy their weed was and where they
purchased it.

One more thing, how do they do theflavouring.of some of the weed, for example strawberry and all the other flavours.

I am sorry about perhapssomeobvious questions, but i have never had the
opportunity to do something like this, i don’t want to screw up!

Want to make oils look at the afghan Kush, Hindu Kush and chitral are huge resin producers. As to making the oil there are so many was.

Flavors of the plants are breed to make those smells.

This is my 2 cents worth of info.

THC and CBD are the two main elements in weed that everyone is familiar with. THC gets you “high”, while the CBD has more of the medicinal qualities.

To make RSO you need some type of alcohol, high in alcohol content. You can use rubbing alcohol.

Did your friends buy RSO or hash oil? There is a HUGE difference.

Are you making oil to smoke, ingest, or use topically!