Need lighting solutions

Planing to get a 4x8x6’11" tent and looking for a light for all stages that will cover said area. Without breaking the bank. Need all the ideas

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What kind of budget are you thinking.
32 square foot of area takes a lot of wattage. Lighting will probably be over $1k

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Thats fine im trying to find a one light solution that would cover that space if thats even possible looking for led preferably so temps won’t be crazy.

Check out the HLG Scorpion Diablo. Quick specs:


You can get 2 refurbished HLG 600rspecs. I know you’re looking for a one light solution, but that’s a big area for one. 2 lights will also allow you to adjust for any growth variations.


4 viparspectra 240 watt draws( you might be able to get away with 2 of their 450 watt lights but I’m wary about having that much concentrated light coming from a central position)is the current best bang for you buck to light that much for roughly 800$ anything less and your edges/ corners will suffer

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I would second looking at the hlg lights. And it looks like right now they have some refurbished ones that would work well for you, and if you use the code DUDE they take off a little more I think. I bought a 350r for a 2x4 tent that is working really well.

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HLG is gonna be the best quality for the price.

Green Beams is my new close second - they only have 2 models of light though, a 240w or a 480w - to cover the space you’re wanting to cover, realistically you’d want 4 (I think) versus 2 of the HLG lights.

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Can also do 1 big light and use a light rail. I fire up my light rail depending on how much I am growing. 5w draw. Back and forth in tent. Gives about 25-30% more coverage from lighting.