Need lighting advice for 4x4 space

save power and use one of the Blurples to veg the new seedlings,
u know about what they can do so it should be easier to get the light right.!!

when they get too big for one Blurple, turn on the other, then the QB when needed.!

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Thanks guys, thats all good advice. I knew 40 inches was too high but didnt want to go to low before asking. I think i will leave the 2 blurples do the work for now amd turn on the QB when i transplant into their bigger containers. Im planning using 5 gal on the autos and 7 gal for the Fems

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@MattyBear @dbrn32 @SlowOldGuy
Hey guys 1 more question. To this point i have only ever used the basic fox farms trio nutrients. Now that i have upgraded almost everything else im wondering if maybe they should be upgraded or added too as well. Do you guys think there is something else im definitely missing or other nutrient set ups that would be more beneficial?
Thanks again for the help!

You can meet basic plant demands with any of them. Some are easier to use, some offer more control, some can be really cheap. I would research whatever you plan on doing thoroughly if you change.

Thanks. Im not really looking to change as i still have a lot to work with. More curious if im missing anything. I know fox farms makes a lot more than the 3 in the trio.

I am looking at the HLG 600H and the HLG 550 V2 to light half of my 4.5’ x 8’ tent once I finish my current grow with 3 plants currently in flower. I will have 9-10 plants next cycle that I will be putting in my main tent once this flower cycle is complete. I currently have 1 optic 1XL with 120 degree lens above the center plant and on either side I have 2 hipargero model HG800
(one on each side) which have 4 cob and 16 3w combination of blue/red and also of the 16 there is a IR and UV in the mix. It is rated at 240w from the wall. So my current set up is this…

So what I’m thinking is when the time is right in about 2 months is adding either the 600H or the 550 V2 to fill the rest of the tent with good coverage and maybe hang whichever one I choose using a light rail 4.0
which may keep me from having to add another small light for the other side of tent as what I have now I think is just shy of covering a 4x4 area well even though the Hipargero HG800 specs say 2x2 flower coverage per fixture and the optic1XL I believe states the same.
The 600H is priced lower than the 550 and as far as I can tell there isn’t anything drastically positive or negative in choosing one over the other but that’s where I would like some guidance.

Any suggestions /thoughts would be appreciated @dbrn32

The T5 fixtures in there now are being used as side lighting as I had no other use for them at the moment and they will be going into a new 4x8 veg tent once this cycle completes so I can run both veg and bloom tents simultaneously and transfer when a flowering cycle completes



maybe a high Phosphorous bloom booster,
look into Botanicare and General Hydro for when u run out of FF, i think both r cheaper.

FF is good chit, nothing is gonna be much more beneficial.!!

Either of those lights is going to significantly outperform the light you linked. The hlg-550 is a little more rigid of a fixture and runs lower current on the boards, so will run more efficiently than the 600 kit. The 600 kit will give you a little more light and is cheaper, but is a little on the cheaper side construction wise…

Any thoughts about the light rail helping cover the tent enough to not need anymore lights with what I have now plus either the 550 or the 600?

That’s iffy. The mover would help, but im not sure you would get it all configured in way that would provide good density throughout your tent.

Thank you.
One other light fixture in the running is this one
Would also add the 120 degree lenses for the COBS

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The cxb2540 isn’t really anything special especially at 55 watts, and they are notorious for using lower binned cobs. A couple of uva diodes isn’t going to change much either. I’m sure that light would grow weed, just not sure I’d spend $650 on it.


I see

They meaning that company is notorious for using lower binned cobs? Or that cbx2540 design? What are lower binned cobs? Less light per watt? Lower quality make? I see that the hot cobs are the CREE CXB3590 cobs. Also the 3k vs 3.5k options for a full cycle grow which is best? I would think 3.5k would be but I’m not sure.

Also this is another of their offering which say 4x4 flower coverage too.

Sorry for all the questions

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No problem with the questions. Binning is the process of placing higher performing cobs in one bin, and lower performing cobs in a different bin. Sometimes this is simply just a measure of newer cobs using different phosphor or other technology. Rather than creating a new model they just assign a different bin. Cree does this with all of their leds including the cxb3590. Here is data sheet for cxb2540

As you can see, the top bin is nearly twice the light output as the bottom bin. When you look around at different diyer’s essentially kissing butt on the cxb3590, its safe to say they’re using top bin available at the time. So grabbing a low bin cheap on ebay or wherever is not exactly apples to apples comparison with the lights growmau5 or greengene are doing in all of the YouTube videos.

A top bin cxb3590 is a really good cob, but its no longer the most efficient as of last bin I’ve seen. The vero 29c,b and luminous cxm-22 are all right there at current, and they’re cheaper.

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The whole.light toppic is vast. Been reading for days, gathering knowledge, trying to find a setup that works for my situstion.

There seems to be so much misleading info out there to drive sales and agendas, one has to be careful which brand, type, wattage, color of lighets out there.

Its real world chats like this, that you find the gold nuggets in. It just takes a whole lot of reading time, digging through the rubbish to find.

But, the search is on! Thanks for the input!


When you find something you like, look to see what you can find for documented third party data. A full well documented grow journal, a timelapse YouTube video, light testing organization reports, and such.

Amazon reviews are nearly useless. Several members here have been offered free products to change poor reviews. Specific manufacturers claims without any test data to support claims are pretty much just as useless. If they say their light is equivalent to any other light, look for a report that lists its total light output is similar or a detailed par map the shows similar light density levels over the entire canopy.


Yep reviews on amazon sketchy for sure.
A friend of mine turned me on to this site which seems to help using amazon reviews


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