Need 'Light' HELP

I just upgraded, [I think…I hope]…
Can anyone tell me if this is a good light?
I used 3 & 4 arm octopus lights in Jan, now I got this. Do the ‘specs’ read well. I’m no tech guy.

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No way that is going to replace a 1000 with mh hps. I use a 1000w mh hps light. @dbrn32 can elaborate. He’s the light guru. Its better than the octopus light but your not going to do much with it

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Search on “burple” here on the site to read of others’ experiences. That this light replaces a 1000w HPS is just not true. The burple manufactures lie about their data and falsify their reviews on sites like Amazon. These lights are typically only 20% or so as effective as manufacturer claims.

I don’t see diode efficacy or actual power draw listed in the literature that you provided. The likely reason for this is that they do not want you to know, and these are the specs that really matter.

You will be far better off using a light with high-efficacy diodes like the Samsung LM301 series diodes.

I would send it back if you can and get a proper cannabis light like HLG, Chilled, some of the newer Spider Farmer lights, or similar.


It depends what you want to do with it. It draws only 80 watts. My little chilled veg spectrum light draws 64 watts. It is only for starting and growing out seedlings to the point they can be transplanted. If that is what you have in mind, then it will work although it is very weak in the blue / veg spectrum. If you are wanting it to go from seed to flower you will be disappointed. It simply does not have the requisite power or spectrum to grow decent bud.
This is the spectrum of a HLG 260 rspec


This should be illegal


Should be. I agree. 1000w mh hps is a powerhouse of a light. Its crazy how they take advantage of people who don’t know better to get sales. It pisses me off. My friend just got 2 blurples off amazon and said they are just as bright as my 1000w mh so they have to be just as strong. I tried to explain to him that just cuz they are led and are bright doesn’t mean anything. Doesn’t belive me but he will learn on his first grow that u can’t buy cheap Amazon blurples and expect the type of yeild I get with a 1000w mh/hps. Learn the hard way I guess lol


Here sits the burple I bought a few years ago. A better place for it would be the garbage bin.


Welcome to the community ! I recommend if you can send it back , Possibly get your money back. Post what size space you need to light up. lots of people here can help you choose the right light to fit your budget. good luck.


Yup, pretty small light.

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Luckily I avoided blurple lights and went straight to hid. Well I started with t5s. Got them all as a package deal from a buddy. Sold off one 1000w hps cuz I ryought I didn’t need it. Should of kept it I coul of used both and had a bigger area. But whatever ill upgrade to led down the road lol


Thanks to all for the input. Everyone

I was contemplating using this in a 3-foot square grow box. Currently I’m using it as a seed starter, I don’t have inside space and I need to do this in a box, or in a 4-foot square green house, that I built couple months ago.

So now I’m faced with the Dilemma…do I keep it for seed starting…cuz I need something, and invest in something bigger to do an indoor or grow box type of situation…later

How much is a good [decent/cheap] thousand watt light??? Says the almost 72 year old on Social Insecurity…

I have this also. Trying to sell (past return date).
??? Is there a ‘real’ difference if I keep the Octopus for seed start, or keep the one (on top)? The top one I can still return
Thanks in advance to any & all replies :seedling:


In late March 2021, I upgraded from two 1,200 watt “blurpies” to an HLG260R. At the time, I had three "grows"in process. Since the HLG arrived and was installed and activated, my plants all EXPLODED in growth, and I have set 5 personal records for yield (at harvest & after cure).

All of this in less than 45 days.

My “Blurpies” will still be used - but will NOT be the dominant lighting system in the grow room (ahem, closet).

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Blurple by itself doesn’t provide enough of a spectrum. My veg uses one, and a small white and green led bulb. She’s finally happy with that. Recovering from humidity getting out of hand while I slept. Lol. But she was fine with out the green till yesterday, then she was stretching up to try and get her fans out of the way. Green light does a lot more than people think. 90% absorbtion in the canopy, once you have a canopy. Helps rest of light penetrate too.

Would never attempt to flower with this set up though. Flower tent is just sf 2000. All three of these combined might pull 80 watts. Not enough to flower a 2x2. Once she’s bigger,depending, I will add this for the underside. Because all the lights by themselves can’t do shit. But together with my plug and plays I could veg that whole 4x4. I got paid to take the last picture tho. Was only $27, review service I do gave me 30 to buy it, I bought the open box for $27. Was missing a bulb. But shit, made $3, free supplemental light.

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Need help 1st timer w/4x8 silverback tent 2-photontek 1000w CO2 LED a 10inch A/C Infinity fan & filter growing in start to finish soil RO water 6.5ph with cal/mag and fish shot to water seedlings just emerged when should I close the tent and turn the lights up to 75% lights are 26 inches from the soul. Any help or tips would be appreciated results will let me justify expenses to wife LOl