Need light advise

Are you automating your grow?

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am i wrong if i go with something like that ?érique-intensité-variable-réflecteur/dp/B00P8PDBY4/?tag=greenrel-20

It would barely do the trick! If you can step it up to 600w?

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I grow mostly autos, this grow I’m 2 and 2.

Yeah go 600w
Or 1000w if it’s more plentiful. Buy used man so much used stuff out there even if you have someone from FB marketplace ship it you

Run 4 plants and fill the space. Won’t be huge difference, but could be boost you need.

See if you can find a deal on cfl’s or a19 led bulbs and splitters. You can make something work with them. Won’t be perfect, but will get you through this grow.

I put 4 in my 2x4 and got bud rot cuz couldnt control humidity with 6" fan full blast lol
Legal limits 4 so the wifey said 4, 2 for her 2 for me.

They don’t say how big!

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You were probably bound to have that issue regardless of plant count. I’ve seen more plants than that successfully grown in a 2x2 without issue. If you have other limitations then pretty much doesn’t matter, just saying that more plants are capable of producing more energy.

Well I won’t have the humidity issue now, I have moved my grow so it finally has a fresh air in/out lol.
Wasn’t able to do that for the last year

If i decide to go with cfl, 4x 42w cfl 2700k will be a good start ?!
And if i go with a19 led, how many watts will do the job ?!

As many as possible either way.

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I would suggest against cfl for flowering.
I strong suggest you look at used HPS, did you look on craigslist/Kijiji /Facebook marketplace?

CFL doesn’t have good light penetration as I understand, correct me if I’m wrong here @dbrn32, I use it for veg at 6400k but even then I have to keep the light within 6 inches really at max.

Those 2 lights new cost me more than you can get a used 600w HPS or other old school tech setup. I tried to even sell these but I can’t get anything for them so I’ll hold onto them for veg.
When I needed flowering lights I debated buying 2400k bulbs but knew that would be a terrible investment. Instead I coughed up the money for a 600$ (Canadian) HLG 300k 320xl board and have been nothing but happy with it (unfortunately 3500k wasn’t available).

I personally haven’t used HPS/MH/HID but I see lots of used setups, from my understanding HPS/MH is a better option then HID but I really haven’t looked into the tech because I’m sticking to LED boards.

I see you and hear your situation so take a browse at used stuff. Do not buy new

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He/she isn’t building a grow room, and it’s not a large plant either. Throwing some household bulbs on a single plant to get it to finish isn’t that big of deal. It’s not a huge plant that’s going to produce several ounces of dried flower anyway.


I had my small room stuffed with plants, the inkbird worked like a charm keeping humidity under control. But the small high output fan was super loud. So I replaced it with the AC infinity. Interestingly, the 2 sensors of each unit do not read the same? Go figure…when the plants are growing actively you could watch the Rh climb rapidly before tripping the Inkbird. While I find the user interface crappy, once you figure out the trick to navigate it, it’s pretty easy to program. In contrast, the AC controller is easier to understand and program, it also has a pretty sweet display, but not much utility?! The Inkbird has 2 work outputs, the AC essentially has 1, which is not very helpful unless you rig it go only deal with one environmental factor.

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Yeah, I get what you are saying, that’s why I mentioned earlier to see if he could borrow a light from someone or buy a cheap used one at a grow shop. Seems every time I walk into hydro store there is always used stuff piled up in a corner somewhere. Alternatively, what you say is correct, while he won’t get any volume it will still finish. The trichomes will still mature into decent weed!

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What you seen with inkbird is flaw of trying to control rh by start/stop methods. Probably better than no control at all, but not as good as having constant exchange of suitable intake air.

Can you explain?
I just purchased an AC infinity T6 in the mail, and @Cannabian has been talking about their duel input controller that monitors both RH and Temp.

That’s why I am getting a second fan. Then the issue will be keeping the temp warm enough because the room can get pretty cool in the winter. That damn Spydr X runs too cool to heat the space lol. I’m kinda wrestling with economics too, I don’t really want to make heat if I can get it passively.

Thank you all for your advice and your knowledge, @Nicky i understand what you saying and i looked for used stuff on marketplace and kijiji that could give better result than cfl bulbs, i saw some interesting stuff for sale but not that close to my home and not a lot of choice !
For now i’ll go buy 6-8 cfl’s because i need to give this purple girl a better light than the window that is exposed to the sun only in the morning and i’ll keep looking for a used hps/mh lamp, ballast and reflector!