Need led suggestion for 2x2x4 grow tent


Need a led suggestion for 2x2x4 grow tent. Would like one that runs cool, watt, brand etc would best suit me? Small personal grow seeking high yields with only 2 or 3 plants in this grow area?

Thanks !


I keep notes every time @dbrn32 gives a product suggestion based on tent size so I can always have a quick reference. This is the entry I have for a 2x2 tent:

A 3500K QB 135 is good from seed to harvest

QB is Quantum Board, in case you didn’t know.
Now, on the HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) web page, they only list the 135 on the kit page. For ready-to-go products, it looks like the QB 135 has been replaced with the QB 132. I guess I’ll defer to @dbrn32 to make sure that is still the best choice.


Get a 135W kit from horticulturallightinggroup .com or DIY assemble the kit yourself and save$$$$$

  • 1 x 288V2 board with heatsink (HLG $89)
  • 1 x HLG120H-54A (Jameco .com $43)
  • spare power cord from an old computer
  • various bolts, screws, hangers., wires, connectors ($15)
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The qb 135 is a kit that can be assembled forming a complete light. It uses a 288 board and 150 watt driver along with heatsink extrusion.

The qb 132 is just a board. They are sold in 4 packs, and require you to purchase the rest of the components separately and make everything work on your own.

Qb 135

Qb 132


Thank you for clarifying that.


Thank you !

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I saw the TS1000 on the Internet very hot, I am thinking about which one should I buy, TS or SP.


Thanks for the tip on mars light… That’s my choice! You are awesome for sharing it! Scott


Just watch that heat - it looks like the TS1000 runs extremely hot.


Great point too! What light would you suggest for a 2x2x48 grow?


I went with a QB v2 320w XL
3 is a squeeze I’m going for 2 from now on, so have a 2x4x6.5


They look awesome! And thank you for the suggestion I’ll check it out


I saw the products that others recommended to you. I have to say that the white light is really a trend.


Thank you… I think the Mars is awesome … The one you suggested … Not sure about the heat in my tent ?


I have seen on YouTube that someone can put the power out of the tent.


Thanks for the info & help…Scott

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