Need LED options for 1000w DE replacement

I’m gradually replacing HPS lights with LED. I’m looking for suggestions. The light needs to flower a 4x4 area. I have no problem building a kit if ones available. Trying to stay under $700. Grow room not tent total growing area is 8x8.

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@dbrn32 I think this ones got your name all over it.LOL. This guy is the guy that can guide you properly.


Rumor has it hlg-600r will be sub $700 within couple of weeks, if not already. 4 of them would do your area well. Would have higher ppf than single ended 1000 too. If you want to build i can help, just a matter of what you would prefer to build with.


4 for a 4x4 area?

Edit, I get it 8x8 room=4

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Two HLG 320W XL QB V2 R-spec would light up a 4x4 nicely. With the 10% DUDE discount put you at $740
Or two HLG 260 XL would be under $600
You are trading out 90w per fixture

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@dbrn32 4 for a 4x4 space? Naw dude 1 is plenty trust me.

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I had to re read the op, 8x8 grow, light needed to flower 4x4 which would be 4 of the recommended lights.


I would go with the 260’s it gives you more adjustment if some plants grow taller than others.

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It’s an 8x8 canopy, he wants 1 light per 4x4.

He said the light needs to flower 4x4…yup thats 1 light.
He is replacing 1 light at at time.

Thank you for the reply everyone. It looks like HLG is the way to go. I was considering multiple smaller lights but it would be too much work to adjust height once the garden was going.


My only worry about building would be selecting the right components for my need and where to even get them.

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Matching drivers and heatsinks to led modules isn’t difficult. I can take care of that for you. Would just be a matter of deciding which led modules you want to use.


how about this type? fit for 55ft and 44ft area, 650W with 6 bars, with the free shipping, 523usd in total to Us, in addition, with the dual lens, can increase 20%-30% PPFD for hemp, suitable their growth.

You will have to talk to the office if you want to advertise here.

oh, sorry, just want to recommmend to, so sorry for that

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yes, i will not send any pics, you can share something, so sorry :sweat_smile: :joy:

Sharing a picture isn’t a problem. Sharing a picture of something you are selling with your email address on it is a big problem. Sharing your email address at all is a problem.

You purposely searched out lighting topics in effort to peddle your products, and have zero activity here otherwise. I removed them all. Please don’t do it again.


Busted Hahaha.
@dbrn32 has you covered covered @MedicalGrower206, and the fact that he’s offering to help you through the build is more than the vast majority on the internet or in person will offer.

Jump in with two feet and learn, build the light you won’t regret it ask anyone who has built a light. He has helped others and testimonials are floating around this forum like @Bulldognuts who dove right in with 2 feet and those helped him reach his hall of fame status.

Or blow a bunch of money on something for someone else to do it, but that cuts into the economics and the learning / pride of your operation.

Choices, choices.

The experienced members on this forum with years of experience and years of helping people and watching thousands of grows will say building a light is the best option.