Need knowledge please

I have a cherry pie fem that i have been growing indoors. I wanted to put her outside so i took 2 weeks to get her use to the sun and the outside. She has been outside for about a week now and she started to flower. My question is will she go back to veg once she relizes the days are longer or is she just gonna continue to flower. Im just curious on what to expect thanks for any advice!

Yes as days get longer she will reveg until the days get shorter again

Have any pics it may not be flowering but simply showing its sex

@Dclark I dont at the time I will post some pics later today. But shes definitely flowering its more then just showing sex lol youll see ill have some pics up tonight. But thank you for you knowledge thats what i thought it would do but wasnt 100% sure.


Unless she is an autoflower

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She isnt shes been growing for awhile now shes already seen the life of some of her friends that were autos i started her early in hopes to throw her oitside and let her get hug.

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My other question is would you suggest transplanting her now or should i wait till she goes back into veg? My hopes were to plant her straight in the ground and let her live her life there.