Need Information regarding fans

I need to know what type of fans I need for a MARS Hydro 4ft X 4ft X 80 inches tent. I have the tent in an air conditioned room.

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For exhust I look at the AC INFINITY 8 inch.

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I have a 4x5x8 and a 6inch works fine, I also agree AC infinity T6 is my preferred fan but the cheap ones work with a cheap controller.

@Audiofreak I think few 4x4 have a 8" hole?

4x4x8=128 cmf

So any fan that can do at least that much really.

But more is better so you can control heat on hot data with powerful lights.

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You usually won’t regret having too much airflow but will always regret not having enough. Do the math and make sure it’s enough and leave some room to crank it up if you need to or have to re arrange the exhaust, etc. I have a 2x4 with a Terrabloom 6" EC Fan that pushes about 400 cfm and wish i had more on hot days even with LED lights. I do however have a single somewhat tightish u bend right after the carbon filter. Which brings up another point carbon filters really cut the cfm way down, i think like half.


Welcome to the community ! I ran a 6 inch exhaust fan in a 4 x4 space with a variable speed normally in the medium range work’s great. Good luck

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I agree 6 inches is fine I rarely run it higher then 5/8 , just be sure to get a good internal fan circulating and you’ll be fine

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I just bought an AC infiniti 6 inch fan with carbon filter. The tent is in an air conditioned room. Will that set up work?

Should I use the Carbon Filter I bought with my 6 inch AC Infiniti fan? I have the tent in an air conditioned room.

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Do you use a carbon filter?

You use the carbon filter to control odor you won’t need it till flower

Will it Cut my CFM in half? Someone stated that and I got worried the Filter will cut its CFM down too low.

Yes I do it doesn’t cut it by much especially with a new unclogged filter

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Thank you so much!

Run the filter in flower, not in veg to prolong the life.

Thank you so much!!

Yes I would use it your filter will be fine. I buy a new filter for each grow but I’m also in a unfriendly state. That way what I exhaust outside is odor-free.

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I can stretch mine to 1 every 6 months if I cut out the winter grow I might get away 1 a year

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Happy cake day !