Need information about using jjj saw @a

Buying a 5 ft by 5 ft tent for 4 Autoflowering plants. Any body have suggestions?


Are you sure you want a 5x5. Lighting it will be spendy.
Not trying to dissuade you by any means. I wish I had a bigger tent.
Whats your budget? You can always light it in stages.


I bought a 600 watt light. The lighting company said the 5 ft by 5 ft tent would be complimentary.

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The person I bought the light from said the 600 watt LED would be plenty of light.

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What’s the brand/model of light?

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That’s a big tent. I got a 4X4X80. It’s huge.

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Yeah that was going to be my first question


THE light brand is Maxchampion and they guaranteed it to work well in a 5 by 5 by 80 space; however, if you all think I am in trouble, I will ask them to send me a 4 X 4 by 80.

Like This?

Yes like that one.

I’m no expert like @dbrn32 but looks like a pretty good light indeed if specs and what not are accurate

Looking forward to seeing what dnrn32 assessment will be

Thanks so much. Just want my first Grow to go well. So much info to learn!!

I am just in my first Grow and didn’t want the tent to be over crowded

well I hope you do exceedingly well and I know you will find the support you need here in this community

Thank you! Everyone has been so nice about answering all my newbie questions!!

That light will grow them to finish in a 5x5 for sure. But it’s not ideal. Those are epistar diodes. 2.8umol/j…

You will be running 600 watts, equivalent to 400w in Samsung quantum boards. But at that price you could get two for what 400w of quantum would cost. Just don’t know the brand reliability. At least they aren’t trying pass off Sansung diodes as Samsung like a lot of Chinese companies. Including my prior favorite and amother. Both of which lie to their customers. It’s a typo sure. Their lights do produce results. I use one with great success. It just runs at 10 more watts than my HLG and puts out ~25% less light. In the long term that’s not economical at all. Paying more per minute to produce less light.

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In a 4x4 tent it may work better.

Gonna see if they will let me return my 5 ft by 5 ft by 6.5 ft.

well you could just utilize a 4x4 area in the center and you will have some elbow room when you are doing stuff in there

or just send it back like you said

Will the light work just as well if I just use a 4 X4 area?