Need info on Vinegar for pH. organic grow ocean forest, foliage wk.7

I have been using pH up and pH down from a prominent nutrient Co. but I am at the stage where I would kike to improve on some issues I have read about. I used vinegar for the first time tonight, and it seemed to do the trick.
I am trying to save all the microbes I can in my soil, and I understand this is one way to go. Besides saving a few bucks I can be a little more organic with my grow. I read on the bottle of pH up tonight and it said ACID. I’m sure going with something such as Vinegar will improve my plants some how in a small way. Striving for the best. I would appreciate any info on preserving microbes. Week seven in foliage at this time. Using ocean forest soil.

Vinegar is the way to go for PH down. Calcium carbonate should be used for PH up. Have used both for years in my organic grow with excellent results. forget the commercial products.

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I’ve heard something about it being unstable here on the forum. That being said…

I want to use raw apple cider vinegar. How do you determine how much to use per gallon? Same for the baking soda.

You need a PH meter. All water is different. Add what you need to get to 6 to 7 PH, depending on where you are in the growing cycle. My recommendation. others may feel differently.