Need info on two Hash making devices

I have a fair amount of hash to make

  • Do I want 5 gallon hash-bags or do I want the small shaker-can type ?

  • Would I need both?

-thanks in advance :thumbsup:


Hammer the mad scientist! …first a bud trimming device and now the hash maker LOL

The guy at the grow store didn’t know much about the Shaker can today, the hash bags are pretty obvious but there a Nightmare and a big mess I’d rather try the shaker can

they say you can use them without dry ice I’d rather use dry ice I guess I could find it local?

…nobody else knows about the Shaker can?

love ya work !
Hope its ok but I am going to copy that but I will use a car window wiper motor like my spit :thumbsup:

the pict is to low . it has a motor with a excetric weight on it and a speed controller . So it hits a ultra high vibration as it rotates slowly allowing the trichomes to hang into the mesh and the shear off . the vibration facilitates this this is 67grms just trim no little buds this is a proto type i built to prove a concept . Just like my mini production trimmer


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Dude that’s intense! I thought it was like a rock tumbler with a mesh screen, I didn’t know it had the Sonic vibration going?!

A little trivia, the first known or at least recorded use of Sonic technology was in ancient days and is recorded in the Bible, does anyone know what this event was?

And The Walls Came tumbleling a rumbleling down .
Hammer .


Bingo! :v::slight_smile:

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