Need info on growing Bruce Banner

About to start a Bruce Banner grow. I’ve heard they can be a little difficult to grow. Can someone on here give some advice. What temps and humidity they like and any other advice you can give. Thanks

While your waiting you can use the search tool above to search BB.
Alot have been grown around here :metal::green_heart:

Forgot to mention they are autos.

Bruce banner autos were my first grow. Standard ranges for temp and humidity they weren’t fussy. They were pretty forgiving with all my newbie mistakes, what nute line are you using?

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I have 2 of them. They are feminized. Started under Led, moved to 400w Hps at 5 weeks.
Temp for veg, 68/ 60%
Flower, 78 ish / low 50’s
Flipped light at 6 weeks.
Here is a pic of them at 5 weeks before everything grew together. Lol
The 2 on the left.
Havent had any problems at all.


All want the same environment, odd ones are picky and can’t handle being outside of the standard 27/28C lights on 22/23c lights off temp.
Some will prefer a slightly lighter feed and some heavier, but for the most part it won’t matter

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I just put a BB auto in grove bags. I tried to stick to the VPD chart. The Gulf Coast spring was brutal re humidity and she handled the fluctuations fine. I kept the ph in the 6.5 hood. Fox Farms OF soil and trio (plus silica and cal-mag) for nutes. Wound up 6 zips dry.



I grew ILGM Bruce Banner autos last summer and it was a really a hands off grow from my perspective…

Ended up being some nice smoke too!


Here was mine, not Ilgm though


Grew the auto for the first time this past grow. Very easy growing strain with a low odor