Need info on auto flowering

I know very little about autoflowers but starting from seed right now it seems that a very good option for me might be to put a few in my 4x4 tent and get something grown quickly while I decide what type of grow I want.

…so I’m thinking why not? What can I expect to yield per plant? do they really flower on a steady 18 hour cycle? How do I feed them? What’s the best way to grow auto flowers? Do they prefer soil or hydro?

Any input, thoughts & links would be appreciated


More light more yields, but yeah they do they will flower on there own and once they flower change your light schedule to 20-4 light schedule, it’s like any other but more sensitive and have to make sure she’s healthy

What’s up JT …dude, I feel bad for your plant! I wouldn’t use those flood lights again, even a 125 fluorescent may be a better way to go, but we do what we have to, good luck on your next try!

Edit: I bought four chocolate skunk auto fem earlier. I’m going to keep it very simple and while these are growing (assuming they get here) I will figure out what I want to do regarding how and what I’m going to grow

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Yeah it wasn’t the flood lights I deprived her from her food I flushed to much and I didn’t get to revive her in time I chopped her down. And harvested, I got a good 10 gram off her, I’m already germinating, yeah good luck on yours

Are autoflowers best in soil or are they fine in hydro too?


They are fine in Hydro…

All my auto flower attempts were in soil, and were terrible lol. Definitely not because of the soil, but because of me. But even after failing multiple times with the auto flower strains, I’m going to try again, but in a DWC bucket. Maybe I’ll have better luck lol, maybe not? I’ll let you guys know either way haha

Auto-flowering strains will automatically start budding after about 2-3 weeks regardless of the light schedule they’re given.
18/6 or 20/4 light schedule is used. 18/6 is the best.

Auto-flowers have a very short vegetative period, it is only about two or thee weeks, maybe 4, and this does include the time immediately following germination, however there is not a change in the photo-period from veg to bloom, or normally this is not needed nor desired. Most people seem to agree 18/6 or 20/4 are the best photo periods for autos, start to finish, and of course some people do believe in using 24/0 with autos, but whatever light cycle you choose, most agree keeping it the same throughout every day of the entire process is best. .

You can not top or prune autos. Low stress training is the only training autos will tolerate, any stress is very likey to induce an auto to start flowering right then and there.

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Thank you very much for the info and for the links! At the grow store today I decided to go with a Fox Farm ocean (something) with a perlite cut in 3 gallon containers. This will be my first attempt at autoflowers, hopefully I can journal a successful grow! :seedling:

That article at the first link was great!

I do have one question that I couldn’t answer from the article, I have one tent right now and I’m going to have autoflowers mixed with regular and other autos in various stages of growth…

Should I use a 96000 lumen blue HPS or a 90000 agro HPS?

Edit: A second question:

Can I take a cutting or two from an autoflower to clone?

When should I take the cutting?

Will it continue to flower as it roots?


I believe some cultivators have successfully cloned auto-flowers , and timing is everything . Now how successful depends on your abilities and timing . But keep us informed on how the cloning works , but to answer your question you should be able to finish an auto flower in a regular feminished vegging tent from seed to harvest . Now either build should work for vegging .

Ya that’s right yosh, an. Auto plant is going to do what she is programmed to do and finish regardless of light schedule.
So ya they should be fine

This is one of those things that can change over time. I wrote that a long time ago, when autos were still very new to most growers, and this is what was commonly understood, as shown in the links I provided with that post.

It has now been shown that many autos can take a topping when grown healthy and vigorously by experienced auto growers.

Of course this might also be specific auto strain dependent, some autos might be more sensitive than others to training or pruning stress.



first auto i grew i topped twice turned out to be a male but he was growin like crazy no matter what i did to that plant.