Need ideas to separate flowering plants

Hello guys. I have a single grow tent for now. This is my first attempt at a grow so I only popped 2 seeds at first. About a month later I popped a couple of others. I did not think about this at the time, but the 2 older ones will be ready to push to flower soon and I still have the new ones in Veg. The new ones are in a dwc hydro box, but the 2 old ones are in soil. With them being in soil can I just remove them from the tent after 12 hours and put them in a dark room or will they need to stay in their own tent? Should I order another tent?

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You can totally remove them for darkness. I’d strongly suggest you do what you can to continue regulating the environment though.


Any tips?

Same room but maybe in a closet with a fan?

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In the future if you want to stagger starting times. You might consider a couple of them being autos the time change will not affect the autos. Good luck with your grow.


Thanks guys. I just did as Roy suggested and removed them. Thanks again all!

I’m new to the conversation but a suggestion for you if you want to split your tent.

Look for or order Reflectix, this is a cheap and easy implemented barrier that can be used. If you want to keep in the same tent but separate them. Just make sure if anyone uses this they ensure there are no light gaps between the sides.

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Thank you fir your reply. Do you have a link?

This is what you would use then just use any HVAC aluminum tape, or Mylar coated tape.

So I have a mirror I’m not using could I use that to split the space up. It reflect everything it’s a mirror. That Mylar reflective I’m sure is good but I’m cheap and try to save and re use what ever I can, any tips or more importantly why that would be a bad ideal thanks