Need ideas: lifting pots off floor in DWC

Here I was thinking that lower outside temps will drop the temp in my buckets, but it will make it worse. I have hydronic heat in my floors. I had to move my grow upstairs from the basement. I am assuming that since I have heated floors the heat will also increase the temps in my buckets if I leave them in contact with the floor. So I need some way to raise the buckets off the floor. Any body got any good ideas, or ideas you tried that were not so good?

You can pick up a sheet of 1" Styrofoam at H.D. for $20: slide a piece under each bucket and Bob’s your Uncle.


That has got to be the best cheapest solution there is. Styofoam will definetly insulate it against the heated floor.

I insulated my buckets with water heater insulation and can glue.