Need ideas for mounting led driver remotely

Yeah but the kind of heat your talking about in order for it to affect the output has to be up close to 40°C or 104°F. No indoor grow should ever be at those levels where you would see a reduction in power from the heat. So why go out and spend unnecessary money on a heatsink for a driver? They are designed to dissipate the heat on their own anyways, hence the ridges in the metal casing.

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I’ve done plenty of electronics reliability testing. The meanwell drivers have a mean time between failure of slightly under 208,000 hours iaw testing per MIL-HDBK-217, which is a more rigid testing standard than that used for civilian standards (DO-160G for civil aviation.) That’s 31 years of 18 hours of veg per day. Something very few growers will ever subject their drivers to.

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Just to clarify…I’m referring to the ambient room temp. Not the driver temp

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Wrong. My argument is supported by the manufacturer data sheet. Where is yours?

There’s not enough heat there to reduce the life of driver lol. By the manufacturer data, your method would be wasting the OP’s money. That’s why I’m here posting, it’s kinda my job.

You were flat out wrong about the efficiency statement, and really stretching the heat thing. Get over it and move on.


I was originally just looking for advice on how/where to mount the driver outside the closet. I don’t want to catch the wall or floor on fire! Most of the experienced growers have grow rooms or tents. I am just on my first grow in a closet so pretty limited on what I can do. I am hoping to not have to remote mount the driver unless the heat gets above 85. Currently it is at 77 with the light turned up halfway.


Did you ever mount your driver?

I purchased a new light and need to mount the driver I’m in a room as well so I was thinking of mounting it to the studs/drywall but worried about heat…

Mine litterally sits on a 2x4 on the top of the tent. It’s certainly not rocket surgery. I recently read someone had issues with meanwell and the being discontinued diablo line. Altho companies like HLG change companies for reasons beyond that thought process, it’s overhead… Gotta make the most money while still being able to back up claims. The actual difference in inventronic and meanwell drivers is efficiency at opposing voltage. Which is so miniscule it only looks good on paper to those who don’t understand it. It’s literally the same argument of should I run 440 for my meanwell… And no, it’s not enough of a difference to waste the time.