Need Hielp top dressing

Need help with top dressing how do you top dress and what do you top dress with thanks in advance

I havent used dry ammendments yet but was literally just looking into it. I was gonna go with Gaia Green Organics. You just add the ammendments to the top of your pot with your plant already in it (thus the term top dressing) and water as needed. Simple as that as far as i know…

I use Happy Frog mixed with a few handfuls of worm castings and/or composted manure. I feed once a month at half strength. I do okay.


What are you feeding them

Happy Frog dry amendments. All Purpose and Fruit & Flower…

What are the name of the amendments

Happy Frog dry amendments. All Purpose and Fruit & Flower



O ok got you look like you need to do a little defoliation she looking good.this is how mine look


There’s nothing under those leaves. Just a few weeks before harvest so I decided they stay.

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That’s not the picture you show the first good on that one

Same plant, different angle…

I’ve used DR Earth and Coast of Maine amendments had good luck with both like @oldmarine I also add worm castings and work them into the top inch of soil

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Hummmm ok thanks

Hello everyone I am new to this I gave grown some outside long time ago. I just got a tent,light,ect. Got all that down. I am needing advice please. 1. When do I top dress my auto’s
2. Is there a all in one bag of nutes I can use. My soil it happy frog fox farm. It has guano,worm casting, and as far as I can tell most of what a plant needs. But I also feel like it will need nutes toward the end maybe when starting to flower. And help would be greatly appreciated.

You’re good for about a month. I top dress every month…

I use happy frog also, it’s good for about 3 weeks, depending on the plant and the size of the container. After that your going to need to add some type of nutrients. I don’t recommend the fox farm liquid trio, just personal preference

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Alot of people use down to earth products , like fish meal ,sea bird guano , alfalfa meal, and other down to earth products and they use these in compost tea aswell

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I use Gaia green.

I’ve used it it premade potting soil, and I’m trying it for the first time with Promix HP.

I use the The all purpose (4-4-4) for veg and transition to the power bloom (2-8-4) for flowering.

I add top dressing about every 2 weeks. Just spread it out on top of the soil and work it in lightly to the soil. Then water it in with your normal watering.

Do you get it on Amazon or can you get it elsewhere? I think thats what I want to go with.