Need help yellowing leaves

anyone help new at this

Can’t do much with the lack of information provided.

@dewboy need info and or a pic. so we know something about something…

Sure I’ll help ya. First water them with water not milk!

Leaves around the base are turning yellow, only nuted them with Alaskan fish fertilizer (two table spoons per 1 gallon of water - every other week). Has yellow leaves throughout and the tips appear to look like they’ve been burned. I’m thinkin it might be calcium/magnesium deficiency, all the soil is bedded (potting soil + 90 gallon smart pots / 2 plants per pot). They have JUST started to turn yellow within the past 2 weeks.

just posted some info sorry about the delay

just posted a picture and some info sorry about the delay

just posted some info

just posted some info sorry about the delay

What’s your watering schedule? Also pH of your water? Could also be temp related if its been hot where you are

If its just the bottom ones doing it, id say its just going through its stages getting ready to go in to flower. To me this is normal and i would just let her be, unless they’re spotting yellow then nutes is wrong somewhere. Just my opinion of course. Happy growing

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Can you post pics of the lower leaves, what they look like up close.

August 6, 2018August 22, 2018

My plant are 4 months old and are only 18-22” in height, WHY??? Use liquid fertilizer and perlite for soil and good mixture of soil… Can u help.

mine had yellowing. i added blood meal (10-0-0) and some organic nutes that included p-k to balance it out and my yellowing became green.

you prob need nitrogen. are they in veg stage?