Need Help wth proper soil and a few other issues. can anyone please please offer advice


Here is everything I have and am using. However, I want you to let me know which soils you think would be best or what combination of the different types unless you want me to stay with one. I also have been testing my PH and the water is around 6.5-6.8 ish. Please let me know which of these either for all of your seeds or some would work best in
A specific soil.


Kind Soil “Hot Soil”
Coco Coco Pearl
Fox Frams Potting soil- made from Ocean Forest with earth worms and bat Guano
Happy Frog Potting Soil Contains MyCorrhizae & Humid Acid
Fox Farms Coco Loco Potting soil.
Calimag Quart 1-0-0
PH UP PH down Hydro Control kit
General Hydro Flora Gorw Bloom Micro Combo Fertilizer
Robert Bergman’s Grow Nutrients

These were everything I got and I was told by someone who has been doing this for decades and buy’s from mainly you and a few from Nirvana shop but at this point he wants you to tell me what to use since i started growing yours first. As he has helped me to pick everything out and I assume he would be embarrassed if he had to ask you these question because he has such success except with mine. So that is where I need you guys.

So you know the big three in the back are Tomato plants as I am doing other things since I live in NY and only 2 plants at a time. The Girl scout extreme is that small one and my second LSD is tall. 1 LSD grew and my GS Extreme germinated but looks very small for its age in the rooter compared to the LSD plant.

Please tell me which of the above you prefer and if you would do a combination of some of those soils. Also should I only use your Bergman’s Fertilizer or the Flora Bloom and what do you suggest with either of those so I can get these to actually grow. I am absolutes amazed, I bought the best of everything and so far something that should be relatively easy is Turning into a nightmare. If the Bergman Fertilizer which I assume you prefer how much for two plants of the starter and how much to poor into a 1 gallon water container?

At this stage.

LEDS are 600 watts made for 4x4 grow Gorilla tent and these are really LEDs not the ones online for crazy cheap prices which is impossible according to many that they are really putting that much light out. Gorilla tent, top line carbon filter and additional fan, 2 other fans, Humidity, temperature and moister checker, PH_ Water and light. Tent is around 85F degrees high, low 75 F and about 10 inches from top of plant. Temperature ranges from 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity in the tent is 10% low high 27%. No CO2 as of yet Strains 1 CS extreme and one LSD.

Yes, Ventilation system, with huge carbon filter and top of line fan and ducts to keep it fresh and cool with 2 additional fans for day and two for night if needed. Have a dehumidifier but as of now I do not need it.

I’m keeping the lights about a foot from the top of the seedlings in a grow tent with 2 fans the temperature is 75-85F. The literature said not to over water but the seedlings are very dry overnight. They are. In rapid rooters in a grow tray. Do I need them in individual pots? It’s very difficult so far. If yes what size pot and should I use a smaller one but then I might have to move it again which I would prefer not to do unless you 100% suggest it.

Also, As I have been reading some suggest to use pots with holes on the side mine only have them on the bottom. Is this an issue?

Once I mix everything would you take the one’s in the Rapid Rooter and then do what. Also with the different fertilizers should I have everything pre made in gallon bottles of water and should it be kept in the refrigerator or at room temperature room or in n a warmer room or darker. I have all of the above.

From here how is it best way I should proceed. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated especially as I believe you want me to have and find success with this as and again I was told your a top shot and I am hoping you will help me get through this odd stage of everything is growing except what i really want to grow.

What is the best set up after the Rooter do I put it with the main soil or soils in a larger pot once the roots are coming out? Fertilizer schedule. Flora Grown or Bergman’s? What light schedule, is 24 hours okay. Watering how should i keep everything from main water to the water with the fetizlizer again room temperature, heated room, in darkness room temperature,etc…

Do you ever spray the top leaves or just enough for 20% run off into the bottom of the rooter. If you want me to move them from the rooter which i think is best what size container 1/2 or full gallon and is holes on bottom okay or do I need the ones with holes on the side. Once they are in larger containers I can have those higher then the tomatoes and egg plants but at under a foot my LEDs are so strong is raises the temperature TO 90+ SO i LOWERED THE DISTANCE. what IS THE IDEAL HEAT AND WHAT IS THE HIGHEST AND LOWEST i CAN GET AWAY WITH. HOW FAR FROM THE TOP OF THE PLANTS?

Just want to thank everyone in advance who can help me get the soils right and the percentages if I should use more then one.