Need help with yield

I just recently harvested 2 Colorado cookie auto flowers by Dutch passion, I used 5gal fabric pots with coco and perlite. I used general hydroponics nutes and some recharge, this is my first grow ever so I’m happy I even got anything but I totaled 60grams for both plants which seems low compared to some. I’m going to do more research on how to get bigger yields which I know autos don’t produce quiet as much but most people it seems as they get closer to 50g each plant. My buds were quiet small and airy and leafy but smells like gassy fruity kush and has a nice amount of trichs to the eyes and I’m satisfied, going to start a new run with 5 plants this time just hoping to get a bigger return


What are you using for your light source?


Exactly as @Konflict sheds light upon the subject :smile:
It probably just boils down to lightage :laughing:
What lights are you currently using?
I sure love my HLG’s

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Spider farmer sf2000 at the moment


Have you considered topping, LST or even just constant precise defoliation and keeping branches at a nice and level canopy.

Obviously more quality light the better as long as you can control the heat. Right?
Keeping the pH in check throughout the entire grow will help.
And then there’s genetics. Some strain genetics allow the plant to excel in bud production/yield while others are bred to grow much more smaller and compact.
There are so many variables! Your plants there look really nice though!

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Thank you for the reply! It’s appreciated I’m happy with the quality for sure what are some better lights for a 2x4 or 3x3 area

Anything hlg is ur best bet buddy. Hlg 260xl work great in ur 3x3 and give u fat production. @LostKause

you did great for a first run. i always had fluffy buds ubtil i got good lights. it doesnt change how good they smoke it changes how much you get. you will be fine. know its just the lights not you

That light is capable of producing good results.
I would examine the rest of your growing techniques before buying a new light.
I grow fine plants with lights inferior to the spider farmer, so im sure you can with what you have.


Thanks :+1: first run so I have a long ways to go this next run we will see how she goes. Gonna research more and use some of what I know first.

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I would consider photos. Almost all the autos I’ve grown have been fluffy. All of the photos have grown have been rocks and give out double and triple the yield. Seems to be a greater range of phenos for autos as opposed to photos.

Dude I’m thinking I will do the same thing I have a ton of auto seeds I’m going to do this run now but order some photo seeds now you think If I did 2 photos I’d be much more happy lol?

I think so. The control will be in your hands and out of the plants hands