Need help with understanding a few things please!

I grew 4 plants with only 200W my first grow. Got 6 total oz… but I had to lower the 2 lights to 12 in above the plants and the continuously move them up only as they grew.

At this point, you should supercrop those about halfway up and lay all those branches over sideways and then lower your light.


@VirginiaGrowBoy how’d your next grow do? Add some inspiration :goal_net: :rofl:

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Lol I totally went overkill and jumped into growing without much research, I bought everything and spent tons of money only to find out that half the stuff I’ll be tossing or will no longer use, trial and error have taught me a lot, I’ve also learned that sometimes the simplest and least expensive practices work the best! Tons of knowledge and help from great people on this forum have helped me the most. I’m a new grower myself and can only offer limited knowledge, one thing I can and would tell anyone starting off is to spend the money on good lighting! That I most certainly do not regret! I have a 4x8 tent with 2 600 rspec lights from hlg, I personally think they are the shit​:grinning: good luck to you! It will all work out, I’m in the same boat as you​:v::grinning:

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I run 200 watts of high end LED’s per plant and pull between 10 and 14 oz. of dried flower from each one. Light is your main issue currently.

Not having enough light means plants stretch, uptake nutes poorly and are more susceptible to problems. If you get your PAR levels up to 35 watts per square foot in that space your grow will fall into line.

Hydro is very technical and plants can go from great to dead in no time. Having everything dialed in to the sweet spot can be challenging. The liquid levels have to remain constant, high amounts of air to each ‘bucket’, liquid temps need to be below 70F etc. Adding a larger reservoir will help maintain PH and TDS longer as will replacing buckets with larger totes. I normally run an 18 gallon tote per plant with a 35 gallon rez. That gives me around 85 gallons of standing liquid which makes everything much more stable.


It’s gone up and up. Lighting is #1 on the list of important things. I now have 400W and get about 16 oz dry bud from 4 mainly autos in my 3x3 tent.

I bought one light at a time…over a period of a year till I was at 4 as my “budget” (that is wife would not see LOL) would allow. 100W Vivosun LED and kept adding 3 more identical units.

It has made a huge difference and now I don’t need to raise or lower lights.

Also, using Jacks 321 for nuts was also critical.


Wall to wall - love it.
One of my all time favorites was Hellraiser’s light set up in his 3x3

He had HLG 550 and a HLG 260 plus two HLG UVA 30 strips. That tent was rock’n.


I was just researching the HGL lights everyone has been talking about. Those look awesome and I’d love to have one but I can’t swing that right now. I could swing enough to get the MarsHydro FC3000 which would double me up to 300 watts from the 150 I’m at now with the TS1000. Would it even make a difference with this grow now being this late in the game? I mean if I overnighted the 300watt and put it in tomorrow for the last few weeks of flower would that even make a difference?

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@Marvieman, dig a little deeper into the HLG website, and check out the 260 Rspec FR, for $250. It is for flowering only. But it may work well with what you now. If you can fit both in your tent when flowering.

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Think about what you want going down the road. Since there’s a better light for one piece of the cycle - the one you’re in - it does seem worth considering grabbing that over continuing the daisy-chain but not really getting to your zen place. Maybe you get the flower light now and then save a few bux up for smaller tent 2 and then you’ve got a separate seeding/clone/veg space and flower space? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m projecting because I’m trying to justify a second tent for this exact reason. :rofl:


Yeah I have 2 tents going now. My first tent was the 2X2 with the MarsHydro TS600. It is currently growing the Skittelz replacement and on approximately Week 4. The other tent is a 3X3 with the MarsHydro TS1000. The thing I REALLY dislike about the 2X2 is that they make them so short. Even my 3X3 at 72" is too short to me. I started seeing these tents with Roof Cubes and I thought that was the answer to get more room vertically but then I realized even with the Roof Cube it was still only as tall as my current tent at 72". I mean what’s the point? Anyway, I’m so discouraged even more now because I thought I had gotten the right set ups not only once, but now twice only to discover I had actually NOT gotten what I needed to get.

I’m glad I came here and started getting all these comments because I was seriously considering upgrading my tent size to a 4X4 but keeping my R-DWC footprint the same size and pushing it and light over to one side or the other so that I could put my portable AC/Dehumidifier INSIDE the tent and vent out one of the exhaust ports of the tent. Now I’m thinking from what you all have been saying is that would have been even worse with my lighting situation and that I would have needed and even more powerful light for the 4x4.

Awesome technique, Veg with lights and Blast the flowers.
No wasted electricity or grow space.
Or in my case china cheapies until flower then the good light.

Once bitten, no tent size is big enough.
I lose Tent space with all the equipment required to modify or control the space.
5x5 would be good replacement for 4x4. Start slow, get a grow, and refine the growing.
Best to you. Smaller tents make great starters and clone or seedling tents.


If you have eight foot ceilings in your lung room. Gorilla makes a line of tents that has an extension that puts it at 7 foot 11 inches high. Due to low ceiling height I settled for a 80 inch tall tent. It sure would be great to have this space inside the tent. Instead it being a wasted space,10-12 inches, over the tent.
Gorilla often runs a 30% off sale online.

I’ve been growing autos for 2 years… If you’re going to run a rdwc you HAVE to lst or else they will get out of control… I only grow one strain a round for the timing purposes that you’re having as well… My light is sunraise qb3000…And that’s a 9x7 closet they’re in… As for the koolbloom I run that a few weeks after they start to bloom … I use a jewelers loupe to look at the trichomes to know when it’s time to flush and give them the chop…

I have run both a 320 watt HLG Diablo, and the 260 FR in a 2x3 before, (but not at the same time). The 320 could only be dialed up to 50%, and the 260 to 80-90%. The truth of the matter is, an overpowered HLG light that is dialed down. Will give you a much shorter distance from canopy to the light. I have been at about 12-15 inches with the 320.

Thanks for the reply. yeah that’s the funny thing with this plant. I did LST it with netting…3 different layers and it STILL went this tall

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Did you start with your light all the way at the top of the tent?

No I made a BIG mistake in germination and was germinating them in darkness then under a small cfl bulb for the first week or so before moving it. But normally I follow the instructions with the light I have that said put the light at 30 inches for germination, 18-24 for seedlings, 18 veg, and 12 flower. As you see from the photos, I don’t have one inch during flower much less 12 and I have NO idea where to snap these stalks and bend them over. I think I’m gonna give up and call this one another failed attempt. Bummer too because I should have been so close to harvest time.

Soften the stalks at the net by rolling between finger and thumb. Bend them over to gain room. Bend them where you want them. @Marvieman

My 3x3 is a 7’ Gorilla tent. To take advantage of the height I moved the exhaust fan and carbon filter outside of the tent. On occasion I still have to super crop but the point is I make use of the height.