Need help with Type of Soil

I’ve heard that Harvest Moon is a great soil, But is it a soil that I can use throughout my whole indoor grow?

Yea you should be able to I’ll get back to you in a second with more information

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Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost is made with the vintner in mind. It makes an excellent ground cover or serves as a great soil conditioner to revitalize existing soil. The simple blend of ground grape pomace, screened green waste, and oyster shell flour makes this compost potassium rich without high nitrogen fertilizers or manures added. Because this compost is manure-free, it is a great choice for any veganic gardeners in Sonoma County who want to introduce nutrients to their garden without using animal by-products. All of our organic pomace is sourced from local Sonoma County wineries.

You can incorporate Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost into your garden with several methods. Use as a top dressing (2-3 inches) for all the advantages a mulch provides, such as more constant soil temperature, increased water retention, and weed suppression. This organic vineyard compost will also introduce numerous beneficial organisms to your soil over time. If you have sandy soil, use Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost as a conditioner by mixing in up to 50% of the tilled depth. This method will supply the full N-P-K spectrum of nutrients and beneficial organisms while increasing the water holding capabilities of your soil. If you have clay soil, follow the same method for increased aeration and drainage.


Do you mean without adding any nutrients later at all?


I was wonder if you added any nutrients as well or later in growth can you add more and is this something you really need to do

Very detailed @Majiktoker I was wondering is there any soil that you can use throughout your whole entire grow start to finish? W/o having to do to much etc. I know fox farm has a soil but the one that you mentioned was it the one that I seen in my research being used

Yes MacG that’s what I mean lol

I’m pretty positive

Yea you can add more nutrients really it’s up to you

Harvest moon soil, is basically super soil I don’t know if you knew that or not

Again the question was not tagged to you Majik, and it was intended towards the original poster.

I don’t think even @Latewood believes in not feeding the plant at all. It can be done, and transplants to larger containers with more fresh soil can help, but generally you can’t expect the plant to be able to have enough food contained in the original soil for the whole grow.


Sorry thought you were asking like other people shoulda known better…And yea I wouldn’t tell any one or advise even letting a plant go without feeding lol again sorry for misinterpreting

Yeah I figured some might be asking the question in the way @iceberg and @blaqqadef asked it, if they need to add any nutrients or if they can grow in the soil alone, that is why I was asking the original poster to clarify with the way I asked my question.

Hopefully @latewood can let us in on his thoughts on the subject.


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I agree, thank you for atleast noting that in, I’d like to get @latewood here to get an opinion here from him as well see what he kinda thinks about it, at least a pointer or 2 hell I get excited sometimes when I see your input there lol. You and @latewood have by far more knowledge so I take your guy’s pointers into consideration, and almost always jot down a side note here n there as I do not want to copy any thing without permission.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge my friend again I appreciate it and I’ll probably thank you almost every time lol

Yes; You can use it all the way through the growing process. However; In flower phase, you will have to add nutrients and/or additives to finish strong. Don’t be fooled by names of products. There is nothing more in that soil than any other Premium soil. If there was; You would fry your plants before you even got started.

No offense but, I had to laugh a bit when you said; “it is Super Soil” Soil is soil. Then companies amend it with fertilizer and Micro nutrients. Pretty simple. The only thing different in most cases is that; One company will use Organic amendments; Whilst others just add mineral salts, and Micro nutrients

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I was going more of the organic ways lol, thank you kindly for you input and no offense taken laugh all you want my friend lol your smarter and wiser so by any means nessecary I’ll learn from you like I learned from @MacGyverStoner :grinning:. Already from what bits and pieces I have learned from him while I’ve been here the rest I’ve learned the same as every one else years growing and trial and error lol

Confusion. …and i again don’t want to sound sips but im confused as to which soil to use all throughout. …so this is what ill state the fox farm soil mentioned Is not what ive seen in my research although through my research fox farm has come highly recommended!:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: it was a different fox farm and can you use it throughout?

You can use it throughout, but you will also want to start feeding it some sort of nutrient/plant food system, not rely on the soil alone.

Latewood and I are basically saying the same thing here. We are in total agreement that you will want to add “food”/nutrients, the “additives” are basically the nutrients, in various mixtures.

Again, the soil, in a container, it will generally not contain enough nutrients all on it’s own throughout, it doesn’t really matter which quality soil you use, but most quality soils should be fine throughout if you are feeding properly.


Ok sounds good and definitive! Can you suggest what nutrients etc and brands

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