Need help with troubled plant

Please help

What’s wrong with her

Them stems are dark purple and leaves light green

What and when have you feed it and how much light is it getting?

No nutes yet and she under vipastec 2500

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It looks to me as though it needs a bit of nitrogen. What nutrient line are you intending to use?

How close is the light to the plants, it might need to be a bit closer.

Over watering can also look like that…just one more thing to cross off of the list.
@Covertgrower is excellent at plant diagnostics.

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Have you been PH’ing your water going in? Use distilled water, water to run off, check run off ph, and then adjust accordingly. Ph is probably off, locking nitrogen out.


@merlin44, @Covertgrower, thanks y’all, I will definitely check and get back to you, :100:

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@merlin44, @Covertgrower, @Grizz718

Tell me she is a goner right

@Hellraiser, @Arrow

Looks like phosphorus I believe that’s what changes them purple or might be calcium

@Noobgrower95 does look like it hermie on me

No I thought my big girl hermeed but it’s the female part just big look at my help week 7flower a guy sent and awesome picture

This plant is 8 inches tall lol and and clone we started from about two to three inches ,first one ever

Ended up having to pull my big girl stil after flush and everything I came home today and she is slowly cripisjng up a litttle sad but live and learn

Looks okay to me.


Not seeing anything unusual ?..:sunglasses::v:

Thanks guys