Need help with this leaf issue

Ok so I got back from a trip on the 11th this month that I had been on for a week and I fed my girls the day I left and may have added a lil too much nutes (need a better tds meter). My neighbor was supposed to come water em n empty the dehumidifier.
Well I get back and they were severely under watered. I slow watered em and they bounced back after a day except a few leaves now. Those few leaves look to be getting worse n even having some purple looking spots.

Could that be just the stress, being overfed, or light burn…or all three??
I turned my light down a lil and got my temps down to 77.
I think she’s gonna be fine just wanna know if there’s something I’m doing wrong.

(Seems I posted the pics backwards progression…the top pic isn’t showing the reddish purple well either)


Maybe it’s just nute burn

They look fine now you should probably monitor the situation a bit more

@MidwestGuy @Audiofreak @OGIncognito

They will help you further


What were the last run off numbers Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

My .02, I personally would just give the clean water with Cal/Mag next time you water them and pluck off the damaged leaves. Your plants will expend a lot of energy trying to heal those leaves. You’re in flower, the energy should be sent to producing flowers instead of healing itself. Your plant will tell you what it needs after that. The lower leaves are going to fade as she gets more mature. She’ll be pulling nutrients from those leaves to feed herself. Thats normal, you can pluck em or let them fall off by themselves. @OGIncognito can walk you through the runoff numbers.


I give plenty of water between feedings, which I fed Wednesday last week but didn’t make it worse or better n watered a few times since (they’ve been drinking a lot lately.
I’m gonna give one more good defoil in a few as today made 4 weeks since I flipped

Also @OGIncognito I need a better meter to do all that, I do believe it’s why I keep over feeding.

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