Need help with this FIM

First 2 are the same plant 2nd 2 pictures are another plant that I fim’ed 2 days ago anybody have experience with this method, if so can someone hit me with some knowledge and tips please?!
I may have mixed up which pics are which


@Covertgrower @Mark0427

FIM’s are hit or miss, but in my eyes looks good. @Myfriendis410

Have you used this method before? If so how long till it starts rebuilding into a stem?

Maybe a touch too high: but I’m hit or miss as well.

You’ll find out!

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Should I top if it’s a miss?
Or what will happen if it’s a miss, do you know?

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Usually find out when you see new growth.
I’ve never FIM’ed but I’ve super cropped, that’s my personal grow style.

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It may get a split, three or four. Seen it all. You didn’t hurt anything and if it’s a miss just do again in a week or two to the next node.

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What do you mean by it may get a split? And while I was doing some lst today I noticed one of the plants took the fim but the other shows no signs yet., if i dont see any singing in the next few days can i cut it again say the 22nd? Today it the 19th @Myfriendis410

Two tops.

I’d wait a week or so: see how the plant responded.

I dont understand how its gonna split tho, all I see is mowed top that are growing out… it just dontsnt look right to me

@Myfriendis410 it just looks like I cut leaves, I dont see any unusual change… any thoughts?

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I agree. Wait for the next node and try again. Go lower: I end up topping instead of FIM’ing about 50% of the time but try for four tops with a SCROG. Worst case you’ll get a split instead.

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Should I cut just barley above where the leaves meet the stem? @Myfriendis410

I couldn’t find the picture describing where to cut. You might Google it and see what comes up.

I found a few pics, even one here on the forum on where to cut but it also said to leave a mowed top, idk if it means the middle or if all that Is cut in general if that makes sense, like I think I need to cut more of the middle, idk what to do does anyone else now someone with knowledge of fiming?