Need help with this clone ! Growing insane!

Just got some clones. Just started growing and clones looked neglected and tall when i got them. 10 day later look like this. Question is. Its og chem dawg. I started bending and opening bud sites. Lst. But was over 7 nodes so didnt top it.
Question is. What will happen if i top them now ? Should i or not and why ? Want all these baby sites to catch up best they can. Tyvm for any help.

This was taken now. And these when i first got them.


Super tall one w as mimosa not ogchem


I would too them now or super crop later many options

Top or bend the main over and Some LST. Node spacing is considerably stretched from not enough light though :love_you_gesture: time for a transplant

I use clones exclusively now and ttheres many ways to go heres my version. When my clones have good roots usually21 days i transplant to solo cups when plenty of roots i move to final containers for me its3 gallon. I veg Afew weeks or when they get to the height i want i take the 2 bottom branches for clones and top leaving 6 branches and flip the light schedule to 12/12 and been doing this over and over for a while now and getting a harvest every 4 or 5 weeks