Need help with these gifted photo clones, not doing well

Hey there, forum peoples!

You all have been amazing so far on my other threads, so I thought I could reach out for some general help here, as time is definitely of the essence.


I was all set up to grow my autos, and then was suddenly gifted with six new photo plants! They arrived in alright looking condition, and I’ve kept them seperate from my autos, just in case, but there is something obviously going wrong here.

I realize fully, that it is probably the lack of nutes. I’ve inspected them pretty well for pests, and haven’t seen any. These look like pretty young plants. (I wasn’t prepared, at ALL, to grow photos yet.) So all I have on hand is my soil for the autos, and some cana coco and Jack’s on the way, which will be for these plants. Buuuuut… it’s going to take a week to a week and a half for me to get the coco & nutes & more pots delivered here. (I live way out in the country, so ordering online for most of these things is my only option.) I had initially thought they might be okay for a few days without being fed, but it’s either that, (probably?) or the light, that is messing with them. They have honestly gone from looking pretty healthy, to feeling fairly crispy, in less than a week. :pensive:

All I really know about these plants, is that they are not autos. They are clones that are a genetic copy of their mother, they are the LSD strain, and have been grown, thus far, in a coco coir medium in small solo cups. I have no idea what their feeding/watering/light schedule has been.

I put them in my tent, (just set it up recently) by themselves, under one 320W HLG QB V2 Rspec LED, and they are 27 inches from the light. I’ve kept them on a 18/6 light schedule. They have a small fan blowing on them. I am not used to what coco feels like, (it’s certainly different than what growing in soil feels like to me) but I’ve been watering them a little bit every day (about a third of a solo cup’s worth.) They seem pretty wet and spongey, to me. :flushed: I have no nutes to feed them, until they arrive on my doorstep. A week or more.

Is this what it looks like is wrong with these kiddos, no nutes at all in the last week? (I’ve had them just six days, water only, no nutes… and they just… look like they are getting progressively worse. :pensive:.) If I would’ve known I was getting these, ahead of time, I would have been much more prepared for growing autos and photos at the same time, but they were basically just dropped off here. So now I’m at a junction that involoves a real quick learning curve on my part. All my research so far has been on autos, so I’m flying pretty blind.

I’d really like to save them, if it’s at all possible! But… I’m just not sure what to do… and I’m hesitant to introduce my healthier looking auto plants (just over two weeks old) into the same tent with them, as of yet. They are still pretty young themselves, the autos, just over two weeks old. (I have pix of them in my “Bel’s Green Babies” thread.) They, on the other hand, appear to be thriving. They are on a windowsill in a seperate room, under a 240 watt led shop light and sunshine, and they seem to be pretty okay so far!


I’d really love for these new plants to live. But they aren’t looking good.

Will they survive another week without nutes? Or… should I try to use what I have on hand, to give them at least something to eat?? I only have the soil trio for my autos on hand right now, which includes some Fox Farms Light Warrior, Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. They’ll eventually get transplanted into coco, in 5 gal pots, with Jack’s nutes. But like I said, that could be a week or more.

Any and all advice is certainly appreciated.

Thanks, all, and plenty of photos coming in a few minutes as I can sort them (by date received, up until today) to show you the progression of what’s up.

I appreciate you all.

Uploading pix now.

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Here they are today, then I’ll post some photos of what they looked like a week ago.

Yesterday, one of the plants on its own, after spraying with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide/water for safety measures…

About a week ago…

(Here, :point_up: when I first put them under just a shop light for a couple of days)

(Then :point_up: in the tent under the LED)

And also…

Are these even really ready to transplant yet, if that’s what’s ultimately needed?

Are they too young to be taking the unhealthy leaves off of them?

I’m just not sure what to do.


What is RH? I don’t know they’ve rooted bass on photos. My clones looked like this when rh dropped when humidifier ran out. Got to fifty. Refilled it and got to 80 and next day healthy. Thise Lower leaves can look like that if there is any nutrient in the soil they were put into if the leaf touched soil on transplant.

Just an idea let’s see what pros say

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I don’t know what the rh is in here yet, but I should have my AC Infinity fan here by tomorrow, so I’ll have a better idea of the exact environment in the tent. :+1:

It’s 72° in the house, but that’s all I know about the temp/humidity conditions right now. Thank you.

Temp is fine. I don’t know where you live. Normal indoor humidity I’d guess is 30-40 percent. Way too low for seeds/clones/veg cycle. Heck that’s low for flower.

Get a humidifier I bet that perks them up. Or dome and spray them few times a day.


Southern MO…


Okay I’ll pick one up tomorrow and try that as well. It is pretty dry out here right now, but it gets really humid in the summer.


I know a bit about Missouri summers. I bet you can guess where I live :grin:


It’s like a friggin’ jungle out here in the summer!

Love the springtime out here though, while it lasts.

Just reread this. Your probably overwatering and making them worse each time. They don’t have a root structure yet so adding water is just gonna drown them. They intake water via leaves and that’s why humidity and mist is important. So don’t water and get humidity and let’s see.

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They are in coco & coco has no nutes, they need food & water everyday while in coco. If they were mine & I only had soil, then I’d put them in soil. Happy frog would be a good choice I think out of your 3 for the clones.

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Thank you. I was kind of thinking that too. :+1:

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Oops. Thanks for pointing out need to water daily. My bad


You can remove the unhealthy leaves. Is there a clear cup inside the red ones or are they planted directly into the red cups?

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That would be great. Should I just cut them directly off at the stem?

No, not this time, they are just in small solo cups.

But I’m definely doing that the next time! I’ve heard a lot of people on here talking about doing the clear /red solo cup thing. Sounds like a good idea.

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Okay, I’m heading in to town to get some extra pots today to repot these into some more nutritional soil for now, (and a humidifier, for good measure) until the Jack’s nutes and better pots get here in a week or so.

(For the record… anyone use those “air pots” with the holes in them? They seem expensive, but some people say they work pretty great. Just going to use fabric pots for the time being to save some cash. I’ve got six, seven gallon pots on hand, and am waiting for twelve more five gallon ones to arrive.)

Wish me luck on saving these plants. Gotta say it’s stressing me out a bit. I really wanted to do this all right. I guess it’s just a learning curve. :confused: I know they are “just plants,” but I put so much time and energy into all of this, with my autos. And here I am with twice the plants all of a sudden, and a completely new thing to learn.

Maybe these photos can even go outside later, if I can do a greenhouse, then I’d have my six larger photos flowering for a while, and supplement my grow (with my other twelve plants that I’m allowed, eventually) with the veg & seedling autos in the tent. Will need to figure out the planting schedule to have my 6 seedlings, 6 vegging and 6 flowering going at all times. Maybe planting more than what I’ll need is a good plan, just in case. :smiley:

Thinking about trying the Gold Leaf, next! Sounds like it would be perfect for what I need, medically.


Praying and hoping, and sending the plants all of the love and juju I can for today.

Thanks for the help and info folks! I’ll let ya know how it turns out.


You probably have read the rules we have to play by here in Mo. but in case you haven’t it sez “6 flowering plants, 6 nonflowering plants (over14 inches tall), and 6 clones (plants under 14 inches tall) at any given time in a single, enclosed locked facility.” Thats from last years book they give ya when you apply (also at most grow stores by the register) You can only register to grow in a single building or outside in a enclosed & locked area. I know it sucks but at least we can grow here now.

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Playing by the rules, in all areas, as I can, grow and learn!

I’ll figure it out somehow. I’ve heard of people letting photos veg for a pretty long time, so I think I’ll be able to manage it all, somehow. One of these runs, if they both survive, is surely going to be further along than the other, pretty soon.

And hey, another MO buddy!


Hail to the the “Oh So Great, Show-Me State!”